Friday, March 24, 2017

"Citizens' United"? No, no, no. Roger Stone's 527 is C.U.N.T

Because part of our unseen systemic all-pervasive misogyny is the belief that pointing out sexism is a waste of time because sexism is trivial (Eew! Identity politics! Eew!).

Concerns about sexism are trivial because anything having to do with females is worthless.

Plenty of self-styled lefties know about Citizens' United; few of them recall that its specific target was and is Hillary Clinton - because she's an actual leftist. They forget because the left can't get past her being a Vagina-American. (Recall that African-American males got the vote 50 years before Vagina-Americans of any color. Not an oversight.) Drones trump twats. Gurrrls don't count. Your gender is trivial, so shut up, bitches. ("You don't see guys getting together in groups because of their gender," said Bernie, oblivious to anything but class and lucre. Guys don't have to do that, Bernie. They're not oppressed.

Anyhow, #WhiteMaleSupremacist #DickHead Roger Stone's back in the news, so it's time to remind ourselves of his graphic and his point of view.