Saturday, July 29, 2006

Happily, There's No Such Thing As Global Warming Which Is Why This Melting Glacier In Peru Is Illusory. Yo--Illusory? What A (Buddhist) Concept!

Regard each and every phenomenon of this world as being dreamlike;
Like a magical illusion;
Like a bubble in sparkling water,
Like a shadow,
Like dew,
Like a flash of lightning . . .

Yes, Virginia, just as mega-scientist Michael Crichton says, there's really no such thing as Global Warming.

That's why this here WaPo Story about this here Quelccaya glacier in Peru is misleading. Although it certainly seems to be melting, is not really melting.

Is that clear? This here other glacier melting doesn't matter either.

OK, so it's melting, but not in an important way. In way more like, who cares, glaciers have been melting for, like, forever. Man didn't make this mess. OK?

All the Know-Nothing Dirty Bushist NaziCons say so. And so does Dirty Bush. And also Dirty Dick.

Of course, they also say that invading Iraq was a good thing, that up is down, black is white, torture is virtuous, laws are for pussies, clean is dirty, dirty is clean, war is peace, poverty is happiness. And if you're not happy, who cares, because God's Great Vacuum-Cleaner is going to suck you all up to Heaven real soon, so why bother.

Or maybe God, annoyed by the horrid hell on earth the Know-Nothing Dirty Bushists have created, will turn some of the Bushist perpetrators into, oh, say, pillars of salt. Or smite them soundly in some other way that each one richly deserves. Beyond mere tar and feathers and a permanent trip to Gitmo.

But the glaciers will still go on melting, until--

1. Someone yells, "Snakes! We got motherfuckin' snakes!"

(This part's pretty much accomplished. All but the 30% diehard Know-Nothing Dirty Bushists agree that there are indeed Snakes on Our national Plane).

Recognizing this truth, the rest of us need to follow the lead of Samuel L. Jackson, and take all appropriate action to--

2. "Get these motherfuckin' snakes off this motherfuckin' plane!"

Metaphorically speaking.

(Oh, and looky here, what's this? Something dreadful this way comes!

Ptui! More of these Gol-durn pussy nannystate announcements! Moi, I so prefer the abortionists-of-the post-born, drunken-abusive-Daddystate approach, do not you?)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wook!! It's Officiaw Snowfwake Adoption Week at No Bwood for Hubwis!!


This, to the weft, is a snowfwake!

Next, bewow, is Our Fearwess Weader cuddlwing a saved snowfwake!!

We just wove to see our Fearwess Weader snuggwing up to widdle widdle white babies born fwom embwyoes saved fwom a tewwible death!

We wove to see him decidering to do this, because thus, our Fearwess Weader is saving innocent wife!

Now, guilwty wives is a another thing entirewy.

Guiwlty wife pwetty much means evewwyone who is post-born. So, you know, scwew them. Once they're born. You know, wike in social Darwinism -- survival of the most obnoxious, evewwy man for himself. Hahaha. Oh woops except we don't beweive in Darwin and evowution and sewial time and stuff, do we? Oopsie.

Anyway, in these difficult Pwe-Wapture Times, we're so happy here that Our Fearwess Weader is standing up for those poor widdle embwyos, embwyos we've worried about before, here, and asking evvewybody to:
adopt the cute lil' fuzzy lil' "snowflakes," the widdle sweet teensy weensy fwozen embryoes that are weeping weeping in their sad sad sad lonely abandoned-orphanage petri dishes.

We've decidered ourselves to refer all our fearwess bwog weaders to the Snowfwake Adoption Service, here, so you can have your vewwy own snowfwakes.

The Snowfwake Adoption People have received over a million dollars of your tax money!

Wow! How wucky is that?

Here's what siwwy ol' bio-ethicist Arthur Kaplan has to say about snowfwake adoption!

Wooking at these shots, one does wonder -- is evewwy snowfwake diffewent?


Oh, and here's a picture of an actuaw siwwy widdle post-born baby -- we don't wike nannystates so we don't want to spend money on twying to pwevent things wike a siwwy post-born baby's vewwy own pawwents bweaking it!

But hey why twy? It's wike Iwaq. Tewwible things just you know, just happen.

Oh weww.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sexism, Lies, & Videotape: Dirty Bush -- A Boor for All Seasons


First Dirty Bush regales the newly-elected Chancellor of Germany at the G8 with endless pig jokes until she shrivels up her face in revulsion -- well, hey, of course, there was boar on the menu (boor/boar? say, is that a "minimal pair"?), so naturally Preznit Toad-Exploder assumed that a girlie-girl Chancellor would want to talk, not about the Middle East, but about cooking. Or food. Or like pigs or something. Hey, Freud didn't know either -- what does a woman want, eh?

Then, later, he gropes her.

Bush is oblivious to physical boundaries, oblivious to protocol, oblivious to everything. He puts his hands on her because he thinks he can get away with it. God knows why she didn't smash him in the face.

Possibly because -- she's the frickin' Chancellor of frickin' Germany?

Say whut? Not just some secretary this time. He picks -- THE FRICKIN' CHANCELLOR OF FRICKIN' GERMANY.

Bubble Boy thinks he can get away with it because she'sstill just a chick. Which totally trumps being frickin' Chancellor of frickin' Germany, eh?


What a creep.

And there's a theme here.

Tell me about Dirty Dick Cheney thinking that if "the little woman" sent Joe Wilson on a trip, that that made his trip somehow by definition worthless. Hunh?

Tell me about Dirty Dick Cheney, some say, and Closet Cupcake Rove, some say, spreading it all around that Valerie Plame couldn't possibly be a NOC because, well, because she's a girrrl! As in a secretary. Hunh?

Earth to Bush-huggers. Yo. Being sexist is a really really bad thing to be. So is saying really stupid stuff.

Thought you'd all like to know. Inventing fire would be, on the other hand, a good thing. Let me know when you feel up to it, Bush-huggers.

You know, that new concept: fire?

Not holding my breath. Well guess we better leave inventions to the libruls instead of the totalitarian D-students, eh?

Oh, and may I take this opportunity to express disgust, revulsion, vicarious embarrassment at Bubble Boy's table manners? Those really bizarre ones the displayed during the incident transcribed here? Stuff he should have learned better than when he was, oh maybe, five?

Regard the Dirty Bush/Blair 'shit' video, and enjoy the so-called leader of the free world not only talking with his mouth full, and chewing with his mouth open. Yuk Yecch.

He's playing 'ya like seafood?/see-food' or something? Where was pearlsy/swiney college dropout Mommy Barbara Bush when she was supposed to be teaching little Bubble Boy manners, sucking down six quarts of martinis instead? Did she teach him nothing, or is he on drugs, or what? What is wrong with Bubble Boy, clinically speaking?

Yeah, this guy's gonna be saving Western Civilization someday real soon. What a boor.

What a maroon.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Dirty Bush Has New Medicare Policy: Serfs Get Death While Big Dicks Get Life

Preznit Toad-Exploder (yes, we coined that phrase) has a brand-new policy that will cut payments for cardiac care for poor Americans. Oh, and it will reduce other kinds of expensive life-saving medical care, too.

You heard that right: while big-time haves such as Big Dick Cheney (who will continue to sashay around America with his own personal team of doctors (hey, who's paying that bill?)) get the best care available, the have-nots of America, deprived of that high standard of care, will die.

Oh, my. How pro-life is that?
Dr. Alan D. Guerci, president of St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, N.Y., said the new formula would cut Medicare payments to his hospital by $21 million, or 12 percent. 'It will significantly reduce payments for cardiac care and will force many hospitals to reduce the number of cardiac procedures they perform," Dr. Guerci said.

A coalition of patient organizations, including the Parkinson’s Action Network and the Society for Women’s Health Research, told the government in a letter that the new system 'could have a devastating impact on payment for critical treatments for seriously ill patients, with reimbursement for some essential procedures cut as much as 30 percent."

The basic payment for surgery to open clogged arteries, by inserting a drug-coated wire mesh stent, would be cut by 33 percent, to $7,590. The payment for implanting a defibrillator, like the one used by Vice President Dick Cheney, would be cut 23 percent, to $22,000, while the payment for hip and knee replacements would be reduced 10 percent, to $14,500.

"This is a bit of a catastrophe," said Dr. Herbert Pardes, president of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

Well, Bubble Boy is a bit of a catastrophe, is he not?

Full story here.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel Invades Lebanon: Regional War Threatens World Stability, Preznit Bush Makes Pig Jokes

I'm not making this up. I don't have to.

I never have to.

I love to have a D-student preznit and fearless leader of the Free World. Don't we all?

Full story here.

Do especially enjoy the perky American media whore media headline which tries to make lame excuses for Bubble Boy's bizarre, sophomoric, pathetic, entirely inappropriate behavior.

This incident has risen to a hot number two on my Dirty Bush hit list, coming right after his number ONE so-funny fake search for the Weapons of Mass Destruction we invaded a country to capture, but which didn't actually exist.

Oh well, everybody makes mistakes hahahaha: 100K Iraqis dead so far, a bloody Civil War in progress, Islamic theocracy, increased regional instability, big-time American moral and fiscal bankruptcy, downplaying 2500+ US troops dead, tens of thousands maimed, tens of thousands of troops bringing it all back home to the USA with florid, screaming cases of PTSD which Rummy will try to ignore so he can save some pennies. Hahahahahaha.

That was the greatest.

But, yep, the pig thing's soared right up to number two, right above Dirty Dick wearing his best snow-shoveling clothes to Auschwitz.

Update, via the Sydney Morning Herald, here: "Humiliating Spectacle of a World Leader Caught Without a Foreign Policy."

One must respectfully disagree. Bubble Boy has a foreign policy, and that foreign policy is:
no gay marriage, no exit ever from Iraq; Bolton isn't a total joke; the rule of law is a total joke; torture, atrocities, kidnappings haved been officially Decidered to be good, even if those damn activist judges are trying to clip my Genevas-free wings; AND--God really really wants me to start a war in Iran.

Update 2: How about "Roast Pig Guest Stars On Bush Visit to Germany," here.

Update 3: At Crooks & Liars, scroll down & check out the video of that porcine press conference in Germany--it's even worse than print reports suggest.

Note in particular the undisguised look of utter contempt German Chancellor Angela Merkel gives Bubble Boy when he nervously attempts to fob off a complex question about the Middle East with yet a third lame pig joke.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cheney In Plame Sights

Former career CIA officer, WMD expert, and undercover spy Valerie Plame along with her husband, career diplomat and former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, filed a civil lawsuit today against VP Dirty Dick Cheney, Karl "Closet Dumpling" Rove, and Scooter (what kind of a name is that for a grown man?) Libby, among others.

Ms. Plame had been working for years as a CIA NOC (specializing in Iran's WMDs) until her cover was blown (and her entire spy network sacrificed at Bubble Boy's altar of ego).

Iraqi WMDs. Wilson.

Iranian WMDs. Plame.

Gee. Think Deadeye Dick Cheney might have been gunning to get two birds with one stone?

Let's take another trip down Memory Lane:

[W]e have plenty of enemies. Plenty of enemies abound. Unpredictable leaders willing to export instability or to commit crimes against humanity. Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism . . . These and more. Many more.

As our analysts know, as our collectors of intelligence know - these are our enemies. To combat them we need more intelligence, not less. We need more human intelligence.

That means we need more protection for the methods we use to gather intelligence and more protection for our sources, particularly our human sources, people that are risking their lives for their country. (Applause)

Even though I'm a tranquil guy now at this stage of my life, I have nothing but contempt and anger for those who betray the trust by exposing the name of our sources. They are, in my view, the most insidious, of traitors.

Those are the words of Preznit Toad-exploder's Father, George H.W. Bush. Wonder what he thinks of all this, eh? It's all so Oedipal, ain't it? You can tell poor Bush I wishes he'd had a smart son.

You know, one like Clinton.

See "Leaked Spy Guns for Cheney, Rove" at the Sydney Morning Herald, here.
WaPo here.

Here's a link to donate to the Wilsons' Legal Fund.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The US Pro-Atrocity Crowd: Those For Whom Nothing Is Forbidden

The yowling pro-atrocity crowd, big-time sadists who try to sell toleration of torture, kidnapping and murder to the American public as if they were selling a brand new flavor of Coke, are responsible for all the actions that ensue consequent to promoting utter moral emptiness.

When leaders tolerate torture, kidnapping, and lawlessness, when they desecrate the US Constitution through their arrogance and black-heartedness, it is hardly a surprise when underlings follow their lead.

Hence the pre-meditated rape of a fourteen-year-old child becomes somewhat predictable.

As does the pre-meditated murder of the victim and her family (including a six-year-old child) by a group of American soldiers who could no longer tell right from wrong because Bush and Cheney and Rummy cannot tell right from wrong.

In the public sphere ruled by the media whore media, they tolerate anorexic spinsters publicly advocating death for their political enemies; they tolerate tubby druggie fornicators who believe in stiff sentences for others and flabby sentences for themselves; they tolerate Talibangelical blowhards who promote political assassinations and pray openly for the deaths of others.

Who needs a rape room, when a whole country is regarded as fair game for vengeance?

Who needs to follow the rules of civilized society, when its leaders do not?

Abu Ghraib, Haditha, Guantanamo, Mahmudiya, Nahiba Jassim, Abeer Qasim: this is our foreign policy under George Bush.

Five U.S. soldiers charged in Iraq rape-murder case

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Five U.S. soldiers were charged in a rape and multiple murder case that has outraged Iraqis, as documents obtained by Reuters on Sunday showed the rape victim was aged 14, and not over 20 as U.S. officials have said.

Days after former private Steven Green was charged as a civilian in a U.S. court with rape and four murders, four serving soldiers were charged with the same offences, the U.S. military said in statement. . . . All five were charged with conspiring with Green, accused by U.S. prosecutors of going with three others to a house near the checkpoint they were manning outside Mahmudiya, near Baghdad, and of killing a couple and their two daughters. The five could face the death penalty. . .

[The rape victim's] identity card and a copy of her death certificate obtained by Reuters, however, show she was 14.

Abeer Qasim Hamza al-Janabi was born on August 19, 1991 in Baghdad, according to the identity card, provided to Reuters by a relative. Issued in 1993, it features a photograph of her at 18 months, wide-eyed and with a lick of dark hair over her brow.

A copy of her death certificate, dated March 13, gives the same birth date. She was found at home by a relative on March 12 and had died from "gunshot wounds to the head, with burns", said the document, signed by doctor Wael Habib and a registrar. . . Abeer's sister Hadeel was aged six when she died of "several gunshot wounds".

Full Reuters story here. WaPo here.

Link here to a story at Editor & Publisher on how our media whore media minimized rape by labeling the child as 'a woman.'

Current Haditha story, here.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Yo-hoo. Mexico's Liberal Calderon Ain't No Conservative (& Why Would Anyone Believe what the Rove-Whipped US Media Whore Media Says, Anyhow?)

Yoo hoo. Rove is pulling the wool over your eyes, people. Wake up.

No matter how many times the US Press throws around the label "conservative," Mexico's barely-newly-elected president Felipe Calderon's a liberal.

Let's think: are conservatives interested in improving relations with Cuba and Venezuela?

Answer: oh, ask Pat Robertson.

Let's think: are conservatives interested in alleviating poverty?

Answer: come on.

Let's think: are conservatives interested in not toeing the Bushist fascist party line?

Answer: uh, NO.

(God I hate what American media has become. And you?)

Calderon Shows Constructive Profile to Cuba, Venezuela

Mexico, Jul 8 (Prensa Latina) The ruling presidential candidate Felipe Calderon affirmed he will seek "constructive, beneficial" relations with Cuba and Venezuela. . . Referring to relations with the US, he will relate to that country "without lowering the head or looking down."

Shortly before the press conference, he sustained his foreign policy will be based on respect for self-determination, non-intervention, and human rights defense.

Calderon noted he not only intends to promote good diplomacy in the region, but also economic and commercial relations.

Calderón: No walls needed

Creating jobs in Mexico the key to ending illegal migration, he says

MEXICO CITY – Felipe Calderón said Friday that as Mexico's new president he will work closely with Washington to build infrastructure and jobs in some of his country's poorest regions to stop the stream of illegal migration to the U.S.

"Walls and troops won't solve the problem of migration," Mr. Calderón said. "Migration can only be stopped with opportunities of employment, and that's why I will push for a trilateral policy with the United States and Canada to generate jobs" . . . Mr. Calderón, a Harvard-educated lawyer, said Friday that he hoped to reach a migration accord with the U.S., something that has eluded President Vicente Fox for nearly six years. . . . His administration will launch a program, with the U.S. and Canada, called "For Our Land," to generate projects to improve infrastructure, Mr. Calderón told the foreign journalists. . . .

"You can do more with paving 1 kilometer of road in Zacatecas, or Michoacán, than 10 kilometers of wall in Texas, or Arizona, and that's something both sides of the border need to understand. . . "

Calderón said he would seek help for Mexican farmers who will face losses in 2008, when NAFTA will allow U.S. corn and bean imports.

He also vowed to bridge the gap between rich and poor, calling it a lifelong personal project.

So, don't believe what you read in the papers or what you hear on TV. Take this useless Rovian spin with big grain of salt.

Pillars of salt. Salt salt salt.

The salt that Gandhi used to win freedom from Britain.

Or -- think Clinton -- con salsa.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

"Smear him! Out her! -- Dirty Bush Admits He Directed Dirty Dick to Swiftboat Wilson -- A Timely Revelation to Celebrate Independence Day!!!

What shall we celebrate here on Independence Day?

Let's celebrate putative Freedom of the Press, even though the current media whore media keeps on doling out feckless, reckless, useless Bushist fascist propaganda crap, 24/7.

Let's just celebrate what the press could be and should be -- even though it isn't.

Oh well.

It's so nice when not-really-elected Preznits like Dirty Bush direct their underlings to smear and defame respected career diplomats and destroy the careers of family members, is it not?

All to defend the pack of lies one used to justify the killing (by so-called "pro-lifers") of 100,00 Iraqis & 2500+ Americans, maiming 20K Americans, and generally turning Iraq into a Shi'ite medievalist theocracy.

So much nicer when the Preznit and his Orc minions are taking particular care to destroy precisely those careers that might negatively impact one's future hopeful wishful upcoming war on Iran, don't you think?

Well, well.

That explains it.

Does it not?

Sunday, July 02, 2006

JAG Lawyer Prevents Desecration of Constitution -- No Thanks for Navy Hero

Gitmo win likely cost Navy lawyer his career

'Fearless' defense of detainee a stinging loss for Bush

Lt. Cmdr. Charles Swift -- the Navy lawyer who beat the president of the United States in a pivotal Supreme Court battle over trying alleged terrorists -- figures he'll probably have to find a new job. Of course, it's always risky to compare your boss to King George III.

Swift made the analogy to the court, saying President Bush had overstepped his authority when he bypassed Congress and set up illegal military tribunals to try Guantanamo detainees such as Swift's alleged al-Qaida client, Salim Ahmed Hamdan.

The justices agreed, ruling 5-3 Thursday in favor of dismantling the current tribunal system.

Despite his spectacular success, with the assistance of attorneys from the Seattle firm Perkins Coie, Swift thinks his military career is coming to an end. The 44-year-old Judge Advocate General officer, who was recently named one of the 100 most influential lawyers in the country by The National Law Journal, was passed over for promotion last year as the high-profile case was making headlines around the world.

"I may be one of the most influential lawyers in America," the Seattle University Law School graduate said, "but I won't be in the military much longer. That irony did strike me."

Swift's future in the Navy now rests with another promotion board that is expected to render its decision in the next couple of weeks. Under the military's system, officers need to be promoted at regularly scheduled intervals or their service careers are essentially over.

"The way it works, the die was cast some months ago," he said. "The decision has been made. I don't know what it is yet." But he thinks his chances are slim.

Asked if he believes he was passed over for promotion last year for political reasons, Swift would not speculate.

"I don't know," he said. "I'm not going to worry about it. I didn't volunteer for this. I got nominated for it. When I got it, I just decided to do the best I could."

Swift has worked under two officers as a member of the small team of lawyers defending "enemy combatants" being held at Guantanamo Bay. Both of them spoke highly of Swift Friday and said they gave him very high ratings on his annual review, called a fitness report.

"He's doing a fantastic job," said Swift's current boss at the Office of Military Commissions (tribunals), Marine Col. Dwight Sullivan.

Sullivan spoke of the crucial importance of the case decided Thursday by the Supreme Court. "It's a fundamental constitutional question about the powers of the president," Sullivan said. Asked about Swift's aggressive legal challenge of the commander in chief, Sullivan saluted Swift's "moral courage."

"He has been absolutely fearless is pursuing his client's interests. And also he has exhibited an extraordinary level of legal skill. His legal strategy has been brilliant.

"We all take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and he has certainly done that, literally."

Full story here.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Neo-Pro-Slavery Crowd: Bush, Cheney, Rummy

What happens when you create a class of human beings who are designated as having less than human status?

You get gassed Jews in Nazi Germany.

You get massacred intellectuals in China and Cambodia and the Soviet Union.

You get Hutus massacreing Tutsis.

You get Shi'a murdering Sunnis, and Sunnis murdering Shi'a.

You get oppressed women in Taliban countries.

You get torture and atrocities in Iraq.

You get the American Gulag of prisoners in Club Gitmo.

That is how it's done. One creates a class of persons who, by virtue of your having designated them as comprising that class, one no longer has to treat as one would treat a "fellow" human.

Quoth Cheney, "The important thing here to understand is that the people that are at Guantanamo are bad people."

Aha. Bad people.

Not really people at all. Not good people. There are laws for good people, but bad people are you know, bad.

Then, everything changes, morally speaking. You get to have power and control over them. You get to torture them. You get to round them up. You get to kidnap them. You get to put them into concentration camps. You get to imprison them without trial.

You create a new reality merely by claim--claiming that this class is so awful, so bad, so inferior, that we rightly may to do anything we want to them.

Sound familiar?

From the Dred Scott Decision, Mr. Chief Justice Taney delivering the opinion of the Supreme Court:

In the opinion of the Court the legislation and histories of the times, and the language used in the Declaration of Independence, show that neither the class of persons who had been imported as slaves nor their descendants, whether they had become free or not, were then acknowledged as a part of the people nor intended to be included in the general words used in that memorable instrument....

They had for more than a century before been regarded as beings of an inferior order and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political relations; and so far inferior that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect; and that the Negro might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit (sic) . . . This opinion was at that time fixed and universal in the civilized (sic) portion of the white race . . . And upon a full and careful consideration of the subject, the Court is of opinion that, upon the facts stated in the plea in abatement, Dred Scott was not a citizen of Missouri . . . and not entitled as such to sue in its courts . . . .

No rights for the inferior. They don't deserve them. End of story.

We have created in Guantanamo -- or rather Bush and Rumsfeld and Cheney have created -- a new class of being, for whom laws do not apply.

They're vermin, they're insects, they're less than nothing.

One may drive them mad and not feel remorse. One may cause them physical and mental suffering and feel no remorse.

Because they are bad.

Thus, down the road, you get to kill them or disappear them or do whatever you wish.

Why have we gone so far down along this road?