Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel Invades Lebanon: Regional War Threatens World Stability, Preznit Bush Makes Pig Jokes

I'm not making this up. I don't have to.

I never have to.

I love to have a D-student preznit and fearless leader of the Free World. Don't we all?

Full story here.

Do especially enjoy the perky American media whore media headline which tries to make lame excuses for Bubble Boy's bizarre, sophomoric, pathetic, entirely inappropriate behavior.

This incident has risen to a hot number two on my Dirty Bush hit list, coming right after his number ONE so-funny fake search for the Weapons of Mass Destruction we invaded a country to capture, but which didn't actually exist.

Oh well, everybody makes mistakes hahahaha: 100K Iraqis dead so far, a bloody Civil War in progress, Islamic theocracy, increased regional instability, big-time American moral and fiscal bankruptcy, downplaying 2500+ US troops dead, tens of thousands maimed, tens of thousands of troops bringing it all back home to the USA with florid, screaming cases of PTSD which Rummy will try to ignore so he can save some pennies. Hahahahahaha.

That was the greatest.

But, yep, the pig thing's soared right up to number two, right above Dirty Dick wearing his best snow-shoveling clothes to Auschwitz.

Update, via the Sydney Morning Herald, here: "Humiliating Spectacle of a World Leader Caught Without a Foreign Policy."

One must respectfully disagree. Bubble Boy has a foreign policy, and that foreign policy is:
no gay marriage, no exit ever from Iraq; Bolton isn't a total joke; the rule of law is a total joke; torture, atrocities, kidnappings haved been officially Decidered to be good, even if those damn activist judges are trying to clip my Genevas-free wings; AND--God really really wants me to start a war in Iran.

Update 2: How about "Roast Pig Guest Stars On Bush Visit to Germany," here.

Update 3: At Crooks & Liars, scroll down & check out the video of that porcine press conference in Germany--it's even worse than print reports suggest.

Note in particular the undisguised look of utter contempt German Chancellor Angela Merkel gives Bubble Boy when he nervously attempts to fob off a complex question about the Middle East with yet a third lame pig joke.


enigma4ever said...

Okay I get confused...we have a Pig of Prez making Pig Comments and Jokes to a Woman Leader in a Time of Deep Troubles Worldwide- what fucking drug is he on? and how addled is his damn brain ? Horrifying....

( no one could write this shit- not even National Lampoon could create such a twisted tale)

( Ps. I am a back...nursing duties are lightening and so I am back to pissedofffedup Bloggering....)

No Blood for Hubris said...

Glad you're back.

Was Bubble Boy talking about food to the Prime Minister because she's female, and he thinks she can only do girl talk? Or is he that stupid with all world leaders?

Somebody better turn on his little black box. He needs it.

Bird said...

can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear

we're stuck with this fellow for how many more days?

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