Monday, August 15, 2005

Dirty Bush to Vets, Part Deux: First, We Maim Your Minds, Then We Dump You. It's Hard Work.

Here, the story of Sgt. Daniel Cotnoir, a returned Iraq vet whose Iraq assignment was re-assembling the body parts of bombically disassembled humans. Think about that for a moment, or two. He came under psychological fire now that he's back home.

Will this returned soldier be able to meet the magic stress test so he can receive benefits due to a psychologically-maimed troop? Or will he be one of those veterans fobbed off onto the penal system, or else systematically down-graded to a lesser diagnosis in order to save the Bushist government more money?

See below.

Tell me again, Dirty Bush, why isn't there enough money to care for our soldiers? There's plenty of money for drilling offshore oil, and Alaska oil, and suchlike.

Just wondering.

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