Saturday, October 22, 2005

"Considering the Gravity of the Suspected Crime"

I've been reading the Fitzgerald website this morning with great interest, and I'm noticing things I must have read about before, but not quite noticed.

Testimony [by Miller] "appears essential in remedying a serious breach of public trust . . ;" "the crimes being investigated have national security implications . . ;" courts should not "protect sources whose leaks harm national security . . ;" "possible violations of laws protecting national security interests . . .."

I was struck also by this phrase from Judge Tatel: "considering the gravity of the suspected crime . . ." That phrase, in and of itself, should have shut up the black-heart neo-con spin machinists, with their "it's just a teeny weeny wittle crime, why should anyone's panties be oh so twisted" warble.

Hmm. No panties quite as twisted as the intelligence on Iraq by the top-level Bushist fascists.

More to come.

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