Monday, November 07, 2005

Time for the Truth: Waterboard Rove, Libby

Now here's a man after No Blood for Hubris' heart:


"Since the Bush Administration is advocating torture of individuals they consider a risk to the country's security in order to extract information, I think that they have a very good test case available. Apparently, "Scooter" Libby and Karl Rove have both endangered our national security and are trying to cover up who else might have been involved.

That means that there are a number of other individuals on the loose IN AMERICA who potentially conspired with them and continue to pose a threat to the country. Libby and Rove should be declared enemy combatants. If they are unwilling to talk, our fine CIA has ways of making them talk. I suggest the "water board" treatment as a starter. I'm no expert, though, so perhaps we should leave it to the chief torture advocate Dick Cheney to decide which form of torture would be appropriate.

For those of you who maintain that these two gentlemen are innocent until proven guilty, I should remind you that the "rules have changed since 9/11" and it is now better to torture some innocent people while we are going after the evil-doers. It is time to put our new torture program to good use. Be proud Americans!"

Thanks for your patriotic leadership, ex-pat Steve.

As our constant gentle readers know, No Blood for Hubris has long advocated the shipment to Gitmo of many notables in the black-heart neo-con Bushist administration.

Rove and Libby, however, are a special case.

Waterboarding on prime-time national TV would show that we're serious about finding out the truth: it would also no doubt serve as a deterrent to others who seek to harm our country, and put an end to the pussy anti-torturist claims that torture does not work.

Get at the truth, now! Why wait for a year or two, when we have the methods necessary? Write your congresspeople, your Senators; write to Bubble Boy! Write to Big Dick!

Torture Rove, Libby!

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Central Content Publisher said...

Central Administration emphatically denies that any real torture has transpired.