Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Yoo-Hoo. If It Ain't Organ Failure Plus Death, It Ain't Torture

Who could ask for anything more?

Bubble Boy assured us that--WE DON'T TORTURE!

That's because--WE CREATE REALITY!

And that's because--WE GET TO DEFINE TORTURE!

While a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, torture by any other name becomes--Not-Torture!

Really, it's just win-win-win for Bubble Boy and Big Dick and the whole pro-torture-is- as-American-as-apple-pie black-heart neo-con Bushist fascists.

As a spin, it sorta hangs together.

So long as one dislikes and ignores history as much as do Bubble Boy and his black-heart minions.

Because, the organ failure thing, plus the plus death thing--it's completely wrong. If your techniques are leading to organ failure, it's not NOT torture, it's just not torture. That would be uh, execution. (You'd think that culture of life (Sic) culture of torture-ist Bubble Boy with 150 executions under his belt would get that).

Torture is about causing pain WITHOUT actually killing someone. Causing pain and suffering so severe that it makes a person WISH THEY WERE DEAD.

The bamboo slivers under the fingernail thing.

The death by a thousand cuts thing.

The boiling in oil thing keeping the liquid just at the right temperature so the person doesn't actually die thing. But so as he stays suffering until he says just what you want thing.

The ol' Club Gitmo sleep deprivation thing, the freeze then sweat them thing, the tie their limbs into a painful pretzel and leave them there suffering thing (that one's for you, Rummy). The basic Bubble Boy/Big Dick notion of do stuff that will make them all wish they were dead thing.

And let's not forget "waterboarding." Such sweet spin, for such sorrow. Makes it sound like drowning a human being, reviving them briefly, and drowning them again and again and again is an exercise in mere youthfully effusive perkiness, does it not, like "snowboarding" and "skateboarding"?

Get real, black-heart neo-cons. You're not calling torture torture, but that doesn't mean that it isn't torture.

Because--it is. And you--Big Dick and Bubble Boy and your vast evil minions--all SO suck for trying to pervert American culture by trying to get away with dumping the Geneva conventions, torturing human beings in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib and Afghanistan, setting up special lawless prisons overseas, and generally behaving in a deeply despicable way.

Torture is as torture does, dudes.

Lucky you guys don't believe in karma.


Stephanie said...

But...but... Jesus would surely approve. He was all about torture! Or didn't you see the Passion?

enigma4ever said...

I have no idea what that comment ia about...kinda of twisted and pathetic....anyways- you spoke the truth_ am horrified this is my country and that NO ONE is saying anything to confront this...,we as normal americans should be saying NO ....and we should be writing to the UN and asking for an Investigation....
for Crimes against Humanity....

No Blood for Hubris said...

Actually, that was one of the reasons I didn't go see it.

Stephanie said...

it's a sick, perverted movie which is why the jesus freaks love it so much. same crowd that loves capital punishment and thinks modern day torture is no biggie.

enigma4ever said...

Okay Steph had her rant about Mel's movie- so what ? I don't have time to dialogue on movies. I am more concerned about this administration's violating of the Geneva Conventions....what can we do about it ? How do we fight back ? How do we get the media to focus on it ? How do we get the Congress and Senate demand that it be stopped ? How do we impeach the WHOLE of them?