Saturday, April 22, 2006

American Hero Chooses Right Over Wrong

To left, American hero and CIA analyst Mary McCarthy, fired by the Bush government for helping to reveal their heinous inhumane practices -- to wit, the CIA secret prisons where torture's just another word for nothin' [moral] left to lose.

Nice that someone in the American government can tell right from wrong these days, is it not?

Glenn Greenwald's take here.
Larry Johnson's take at truthout here.


Pete Bogs said...

she is a real hero... so is Wang, the lady who shouted down Hu on his visit from China... stand up against wrong whenever you can!

Kvatch said...

I wonder if Ms. McCarthy would be willing to lend out those cojones to certain members of the Democratic Party? No...bummer.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Brave woman. Obviously the crime here is the 'secret prisons'.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Well, it would be if the Bushists weren't living in their alternate universe. The crime, like with Abu Ghraib, is not doing something bad, but someone finding out.