Friday, April 28, 2006

Neil Young: Living With War

Now playing online here.

It's time our artists got on board, and with this album, Neil Young is on board. Big-time. So go f*ck yourself, Deadeye Dick Cheney; down with you, down with Bubble Boy, down with Rummy the Torture Queen, all the rest who are responsible for morally and fiscally bankrupting this country. Down, down, down.


Elizabeth (Lily) Branford said...

I love Neil Young, and have alot of respect for him. I agree that artists need to get on board,but of coruse they are more concerned with record sales and mass appeal than using their fame and voice to bring attenntion to anything. Might hurt sales!!!

As for the break, I am just taking a break from that blog (boot)for a few reasons. I am posting twice a week at Blue Republic, and also at a few other places. I like the sense of community over there and simply do not have time to post at all the different blogs and maintain them. If I have a burning desire to rant, I can post it at Blue Republic's Forums. For me, all the topics are like one stop shopping as I just do not have the time to travel around to as many blogs as I want to. The discussions are difficult to return to, also. I like that in the forums I can neglect for days and it will still be there to read.

I am involved with so many issues, and it gets hard to play on so many playgrounds. I can't keep up!

No Blood for Hubris said...

Don't know that blog; I'll check it out.

Kombinat! said...

Thank God for President Bush and War to Liberate Iraq because without our wonderful President Bush the old rocker Neil Young would naver have been able to make this album and make some more money for his lifestyle. Lyrics are quite good, I think it will sell very very well. Good job Neil!

No Blood for Hubris said...

That a vote for capitalism, kombinat?