Friday, April 14, 2006

Torture Pix by US Surface in Afghan Bazaar; Evidence Too Gruesome to Show

This week, an NBC News producer, using a hidden camera, visited [a] bazaar [outside the US base at Bagram, Afghanistan] and bought a half dozen of the memory drives the size of a thumb known as flash drives. On them, NBC News found highly sensitive military information, some which NBC will not reveal.

"This isn't just a loss of sensitive information," says Lt. Col. Rick Francona (ret.), an NBC News military analyst. "This is putting U.S. troops at risk. This is a violation of operational security."

Some of the data would be valuable to the enemy, including:
Names and personal information for dozens of DOD interrogators;
Documents on an "interrogation support cell" and interrogation methods;
IDs and photos of U.S. troops.

With information like this, "You could cripple our U.S. intelligence collection capability in Afghanistan," says Francona.

Among the photos of Americans are pictures of individuals who appear to have been tortured and killed, most too graphic to show.

NBC News does not know who caused their injuries. The Pentagon would not comment on the photos.
When will it end?

Full NBC story here.

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