Friday, June 09, 2006

Iraq Insurgents Fire Zarqawi -- Reposted from April 2006


Iraq's resistance has replaced Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as political head of the rebels, the son of Osama bin Laden's mentor has said in Jordan.

Hudayf Azzam, 35, who claims close contacts with the fighters, said on Sunday: "The Iraqi resistance's high command asked Zarqawi to give up his political role and replaced him with an Iraqi, because of several mistakes he made. . . Azzam said he regularly receives "credible information on the resistance in Iraq. He said al-Zarqawi had "made many political mistakes," including "the creation of an independent organisation, al-Qaeda in Iraq".

"Zarqawi also took the liberty of speaking in the name of the Iraqi people and resistance, a role which belongs only to the Iraqis," Azzam said.

As a result "the resistance command inside and outside Iraq, including imams, criticised him and after long discussions demanded that he be confined to military action."

"Zarqawi's role has been limited to military action. Zarqawi bowed to the orders two weeks ago and was replaced by Iraqi national Abdullah bin Rashed al-Baghdadi."
Isn't it inspiring to know that some incompetent people actually get fired for having been incompetent?

Full story here via Al-Jazeera.


Neil Shakespeare said...

Did that guy ever even exist?

No Blood for Hubris said...


I enjoyed the myriad of Zarqawi number twos who kept getting killed, wounded, captured, and were then replaced by the next one.

I'm also tickled that although the Al-Jazeera story definitely says Zarqawi got sacked, as in British for fired, the US press didn't go near this story for a good 24 hours, and the BBC is spinning it as oh there was some kind of shift in command oh but no mention of firing.

Bush and Blair really need to keep their bad guys big and bad or else maybe we'll stop buying their FEAR FEAR FEAR spin.

Kvatch said...

Bush and Blair really need to keep their bad guys big and bad or else maybe we'll stop buying their FEAR FEAR FEAR spin.

Well as long as we don't actually kill know, by mistake...we should be in good shape.

lily said...

yup- the convenient boogey man!

No Blood for Hubris said...

Yes, you're both right. But, like, GAKK.

No Blood for Hubris said...

This is a reprise from 4.2.06, FYI.

jurassicpork said...

What's the difference between Tom DeLay and al Zarqawi? Not a helluva lot, I've found.