Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Roll Over, Turd-BLOSS-om!! --- Or, Federal Indictment "06 cr 128" -- (Sealed vs. Sealed)

Hath yet the fat lady sung?

Methinks not.

Tum ti tum ti tum ti tiddly tum.

Mayhap the best is yet to come.

[Update: this is an interesting take. As is this, both from Citizenspook.

[T]he Grand Jury has the Constitutional authority to return either, but as our system developed certain habits of procedure, charges brought exclusively by the Grand Jury became regularly classified as PRESENTMENTS as opposed to charges brought directly by the U.S. Attorney which are commonly referred to as INDICTMENTS.

Somebody with clout needs to ask Luskin if Rove is the subject of any PRESENTMENTS by the Fitzgerald Grand Jury. Because if the Grand Jury returned charges in the form of PRESENTMENTS, then Luskin and Corallo could steadfastly deny that any INDICTMENTS have been returned against Rove.]


Lew Scannon said...

Great picture, but I don't think Karl likes to leak something juicy to girls.

Anonymous said...

Dare we hope? I've been much disappointed this far.

We all know the sob's did this to discredit Joe Wilson.......it has Karl written all over it!

I'm afraid the the technicality will be that though Dick may have said to do it, it was actually Scooter who did the deed.

Fall guy.....