Monday, July 17, 2006

Dirty Bush Has New Medicare Policy: Serfs Get Death While Big Dicks Get Life

Preznit Toad-Exploder (yes, we coined that phrase) has a brand-new policy that will cut payments for cardiac care for poor Americans. Oh, and it will reduce other kinds of expensive life-saving medical care, too.

You heard that right: while big-time haves such as Big Dick Cheney (who will continue to sashay around America with his own personal team of doctors (hey, who's paying that bill?)) get the best care available, the have-nots of America, deprived of that high standard of care, will die.

Oh, my. How pro-life is that?
Dr. Alan D. Guerci, president of St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, N.Y., said the new formula would cut Medicare payments to his hospital by $21 million, or 12 percent. 'It will significantly reduce payments for cardiac care and will force many hospitals to reduce the number of cardiac procedures they perform," Dr. Guerci said.

A coalition of patient organizations, including the Parkinson’s Action Network and the Society for Women’s Health Research, told the government in a letter that the new system 'could have a devastating impact on payment for critical treatments for seriously ill patients, with reimbursement for some essential procedures cut as much as 30 percent."

The basic payment for surgery to open clogged arteries, by inserting a drug-coated wire mesh stent, would be cut by 33 percent, to $7,590. The payment for implanting a defibrillator, like the one used by Vice President Dick Cheney, would be cut 23 percent, to $22,000, while the payment for hip and knee replacements would be reduced 10 percent, to $14,500.

"This is a bit of a catastrophe," said Dr. Herbert Pardes, president of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

Well, Bubble Boy is a bit of a catastrophe, is he not?

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