Tuesday, July 04, 2006

"Smear him! Out her! -- Dirty Bush Admits He Directed Dirty Dick to Swiftboat Wilson -- A Timely Revelation to Celebrate Independence Day!!!

What shall we celebrate here on Independence Day?

Let's celebrate putative Freedom of the Press, even though the current media whore media keeps on doling out feckless, reckless, useless Bushist fascist propaganda crap, 24/7.

Let's just celebrate what the press could be and should be -- even though it isn't.

Oh well.

It's so nice when not-really-elected Preznits like Dirty Bush direct their underlings to smear and defame respected career diplomats and destroy the careers of family members, is it not?

All to defend the pack of lies one used to justify the killing (by so-called "pro-lifers") of 100,00 Iraqis & 2500+ Americans, maiming 20K Americans, and generally turning Iraq into a Shi'ite medievalist theocracy.

So much nicer when the Preznit and his Orc minions are taking particular care to destroy precisely those careers that might negatively impact one's future hopeful wishful upcoming war on Iran, don't you think?

Well, well.

That explains it.

Does it not?


Lew Scannon said...

I like the fact that although Bush's birthday was yesterday, he celebrated it on the Fourth of July.
If that's not a subtle bit of Rovian propaganda, then I don't know what is!

james said...

Yeah and they are trying to tie the label of treason to the NY Times for stating the obvious on shuting off finances for terrorists.

However, outing a CIA operative isn't treason?? nor even unethical!?!?