Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wook!! It's Officiaw Snowfwake Adoption Week at No Bwood for Hubwis!!


This, to the weft, is a snowfwake!

Next, bewow, is Our Fearwess Weader cuddlwing a saved snowfwake!!

We just wove to see our Fearwess Weader snuggwing up to widdle widdle white babies born fwom embwyoes saved fwom a tewwible death!

We wove to see him decidering to do this, because thus, our Fearwess Weader is saving innocent wife!

Now, guilwty wives is a another thing entirewy.

Guiwlty wife pwetty much means evewwyone who is post-born. So, you know, scwew them. Once they're born. You know, wike in social Darwinism -- survival of the most obnoxious, evewwy man for himself. Hahaha. Oh woops except we don't beweive in Darwin and evowution and sewial time and stuff, do we? Oopsie.

Anyway, in these difficult Pwe-Wapture Times, we're so happy here that Our Fearwess Weader is standing up for those poor widdle embwyos, embwyos we've worried about before, here, and asking evvewybody to:
adopt the cute lil' fuzzy lil' "snowflakes," the widdle sweet teensy weensy fwozen embryoes that are weeping weeping in their sad sad sad lonely abandoned-orphanage petri dishes.

We've decidered ourselves to refer all our fearwess bwog weaders to the Snowfwake Adoption Service, here, so you can have your vewwy own snowfwakes.

The Snowfwake Adoption People have received over a million dollars of your tax money!

Wow! How wucky is that?

Here's what siwwy ol' bio-ethicist Arthur Kaplan has to say about snowfwake adoption!

Wooking at these shots, one does wonder -- is evewwy snowfwake diffewent?


Oh, and here's a picture of an actuaw siwwy widdle post-born baby -- we don't wike nannystates so we don't want to spend money on twying to pwevent things wike a siwwy post-born baby's vewwy own pawwents bweaking it!

But hey why twy? It's wike Iwaq. Tewwible things just you know, just happen.

Oh weww.


Pony said...


I wish I could say it was better here where we have Harper flying into Lebanon to rescue 63 people with his taxpayer provided jet. The other 49,937 Canadian citizens who are there will just hafta pray I guess. Tell them to use mention his name.

No Blood for Hubris said...

How do you say "Harper" in Lebanese?

Ron Nasty said...

Sometimes I think infertlity is God's way of saying "I think you're unfit to be a parent".

No Blood for Hubris said...

One wishes that children would only be born to those who want them and will love them. Unfortunately, plenty of unfit people are able to reproduce but not parent.