Sunday, July 09, 2006

Yo-hoo. Mexico's Liberal Calderon Ain't No Conservative (& Why Would Anyone Believe what the Rove-Whipped US Media Whore Media Says, Anyhow?)

Yoo hoo. Rove is pulling the wool over your eyes, people. Wake up.

No matter how many times the US Press throws around the label "conservative," Mexico's barely-newly-elected president Felipe Calderon's a liberal.

Let's think: are conservatives interested in improving relations with Cuba and Venezuela?

Answer: oh, ask Pat Robertson.

Let's think: are conservatives interested in alleviating poverty?

Answer: come on.

Let's think: are conservatives interested in not toeing the Bushist fascist party line?

Answer: uh, NO.

(God I hate what American media has become. And you?)

Calderon Shows Constructive Profile to Cuba, Venezuela

Mexico, Jul 8 (Prensa Latina) The ruling presidential candidate Felipe Calderon affirmed he will seek "constructive, beneficial" relations with Cuba and Venezuela. . . Referring to relations with the US, he will relate to that country "without lowering the head or looking down."

Shortly before the press conference, he sustained his foreign policy will be based on respect for self-determination, non-intervention, and human rights defense.

Calderon noted he not only intends to promote good diplomacy in the region, but also economic and commercial relations.

Calderón: No walls needed

Creating jobs in Mexico the key to ending illegal migration, he says

MEXICO CITY – Felipe Calderón said Friday that as Mexico's new president he will work closely with Washington to build infrastructure and jobs in some of his country's poorest regions to stop the stream of illegal migration to the U.S.

"Walls and troops won't solve the problem of migration," Mr. Calderón said. "Migration can only be stopped with opportunities of employment, and that's why I will push for a trilateral policy with the United States and Canada to generate jobs" . . . Mr. Calderón, a Harvard-educated lawyer, said Friday that he hoped to reach a migration accord with the U.S., something that has eluded President Vicente Fox for nearly six years. . . . His administration will launch a program, with the U.S. and Canada, called "For Our Land," to generate projects to improve infrastructure, Mr. Calderón told the foreign journalists. . . .

"You can do more with paving 1 kilometer of road in Zacatecas, or Michoacán, than 10 kilometers of wall in Texas, or Arizona, and that's something both sides of the border need to understand. . . "

Calderón said he would seek help for Mexican farmers who will face losses in 2008, when NAFTA will allow U.S. corn and bean imports.

He also vowed to bridge the gap between rich and poor, calling it a lifelong personal project.

So, don't believe what you read in the papers or what you hear on TV. Take this useless Rovian spin with big grain of salt.

Pillars of salt. Salt salt salt.

The salt that Gandhi used to win freedom from Britain.

Or -- think Clinton -- con salsa.


Libby said...

That's so interesting. I haven't read anything positive on Calderon in Leftopia. He's widely seen as a Bush lackey and as having stolen the election in much the same manner as 2000 here.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Rove is always interested in spinning people in a way that puts them under the power and control of Bush and Company.

Politics in Mexico are a world apart from those in the US. Recall that the oil industry there is nationalized -- and Calderon is by no means trying to change that. This already puts him in a far-left camp from an American point of view.

Media Whore Media Labels are basically Bushist stenography. They mean whatever Rove wants them to mean.

Libby said...

So what's your take on Obrador? He seems to be the darling of the "left" in Mexico.

jurassicpork said...

Good catch. I noticed that, too, and thought, "Gee, doesn't sound like he'd be welcome at the Crawford ranch anytime soon."

But then, if Calderon did order those ballots to be thrown out in two Obrador strongholds, then that more than qualifies him at least for honorary Republican status.

(1st three letters for word verification: GWB. Bush and his spies don't care for subtlety, do they?)

No Blood for Hubris said...

Lopez Obrador cried eerily similar fraud in a prior election. Consider Lopez O. as a Hispanic Rove, swaying public opinion with smoke and mirrors.

I don't think Calderon's crooked, and I don't think he's in Bush's pocket, as much as Bush may wish he were.