Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bushist Fascists Stoop to Smear and Smear Again--How Low Can WaPo Go?

This WaPo editorial is quite a piece of tripe (no offense to tripe).

It pretends that naming Armitage as a Novak source magically ends the Plame affair.

Voila! "It was just silly old Dickie's inveterate gossipmongering!"

(Say, wasn't that Turdblossom's made-up cover story all along? Why are the media whore media still flogging it? Perhaps because the party-line dimwits at WaPo and the Times appear to be still buying it? They're still publishing it. Ee-ew.)

The bizarre piece of Bushist fascist propaganda came right from Closet Cupcake Karl Rove (or the guy whose recent WaPo editorial was utterly refuted by facts printed on the same paper's very own front page?).

How the mighty have fallen. How the fourth estate has crumpled into total whoredom. Poor Kay Graham, in her grave, and spinning like a top.

Good refutation of tripe "editorial" by Larry Johnson, here.

Johnson reminds us that:
Harlow, the former CIA spokesman, said in an interview yesterday that he testified last year before a grand jury about conversations he had with Novak at least three days before the column was published.

He said he warned Novak, in the strongest terms he was permitted to use without revealing classified information, that Wilson's wife had not authorized the mission and that if he did write about it, her name should not be revealed. (Washington Post, 27 July 2005)

Well, perhaps if the CIA had only TOLD Novak that she was undercover, thus blowing her cover, Novak wouldn't have blown her cover, eh? It's the CIA's fault for not blabbing, don't you get it?

Emptywheel's analysis, here.

MediaMatters' story on the current anti-Fitzgerald, anti-Plame/Wilson propaganda infestation, as part of a concerted effort to trivialize treason, here.

Facts? Ha!

If they have no facts, why, let them just fake!

And faking it is what the entire reichwing noise machine is up to, from sea to shining sea.

Why, at WaPo and at WhiHou and the Grey Lady and throughout the media whore media empire, it's a veritable Cheney-cum-Goebbelsfest of vitriolic partisan propaganda 24/7.

No kidding.

Say, boys and girls, does this sound familiar?

Never allow the public to cool off;
never admit a fault or wrong;
never concede that there may be some good in your enemy;
never leave room for alternatives;
never accept blame;
concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong;
people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one;
and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.

Yes, these are the kind of un-American fascists we really need to be worried about.
"There is only so much room in a brain, so much wall space, as it were, and if you furnish it with your slogans, the opposition has no place to put up any pictures later on, because the apartment of the brain is already crowded with your furniture."

Oh, and I'm not telling who was responsible for the above, but he had a nasty little moustache, was abused as a child, and went on to massacre millions.

These days, a nasty little man without a moustache whose childhood was also nasty, is the heir to that same philosophy of propaganda, and this nasty man helped prop up a government (led by one who in his youth derived pleasure from deliberately exploding toads) that has killed tens of thousands, promoted torture and racism and sexism, and pissed away billions and billions of your tax dollars while lining the pockets of his fatcat buddies.

When will we be tossing the m-f Bushist fascists off the m-f plane?

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