Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Goebbels, Hitler: Lie Long Enough, People Will Believe You -- Well, Until Finally They Wake Up From Their Bushist Fascist Nightmare

In the wake of the National Intelligence Estimate proving that Preznit Toad-Exploder's Oedipal adjunctive war on Iraq has emboldened jihadist terrorists, rather than reducing their threat, more attention is being paid to the lead-up to 9/11.

In a desperate attempt to do Rovian spin on their unbelievable negligence--totally disregarding all Clinton administration warnings about Al-Qaeda--Bubble Boy's fave lapdog Condi Rice called President Clinton's discussion about having left his successors detailed plans on defeating Al-Qaeda "false."

Condi's nose is growing long and longer.

Take a gander, here, at a warning memo from Richard Clark about Al-Qaeda. Look in Clarke's book, where he notes that there were zero principal meetings about Al-Qaeda.

Condi's a liar. Condi's quite a liar.

Condi's quite the liar for her bosses.

Doesn't she know that lying's wrong?

Why should she?

Current Republican Senator George "Macaca" Allen doesn't know that racism is wrong.

He doesn't even know that leaving a bloody deer-head in a black family's mailbox is wrong.

"Bubble Boy" Bush and "Big Dick" Cheney and "Psy-cho Ops" Rummy don't even know that torture is wrong.

Any other questions, boys and girls?

An article on some well-deserved anti-bushist-fascist backlash, here.

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