Friday, September 01, 2006

Say "Bushist fascist, Bushist fascist, Bushist fascist" 50 Times Real Fast And This Whole Bushist Fascist Nightmare Will Go Away?

NBC anchor Brian Williams interviewed President Bush. He asked him about his poll numbers and President Bush said, 'The key for me is to keep expectations low.' I think you can accurately say, 'Mission Accomplished.'" --Jay Leno

"The one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans was marked by President Bush with a moment of silence. A little different than a year ago, when President Bush marked the occasion by a week and a half of silence." (Jay Leno)

"I think President Bush gets confused. He said progress is being made in New Orleans and he hopes one day New Orleans will be a democracy. You know hurricanes, they hate freedom." (Jay Leno)

"Today is the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Not only that, it's the six-month anniversary of when President Bush found out about it." (Conan O'Brien)

"NBC News was also marking the anniversary [of Hurricane Katrina], but they had to settle for lesser celebrity guests, like this guy who took some time from a tour of New Orleans to tell Brian Williams about all the reading he's been doing this summer [on screen: President Bush saying he's read 'three Shakespeares' this summer]. The point is that he read three Shakespeares this summer, and that's a great way to kick off eighth grade!" (Jimmy Kimmel)

"Yesterday the president of Iran challenged President Bush to a televised debate. President Bush turned down the debate, but did challenge the Iranian president to a game of 'Hungry Hungry Hippos.'" (Conan O'Brien)

"The entire case against John Mark Karr was completely bogus. It was based on a bunch of ridiculous claims he just made up without any basis and facts. The good news? Today, the White House offered him a job." (Jay Leno)

"CNN, to mark the fifth anniversary of 9/11, is going to be re-playing their original coverage of that day. Let's just hope that President Bush doesn't tune in and go, 'Oh my God, they've done it again!'." (Bill Maher)


pissed off patricia said...

It's kind of depressing to see how easy it is to make the president of the US the butt of a joke. Depressing because he is a butt! (that's probably the nicest word I've ever used to describe him.)

Kvatch said...

Hungry Hungry Hippos! That's good. :-)

No Blood for Hubris said...

Can't compete with "My Pet Goat," however.