Thursday, September 21, 2006

Torture Recipient John McCain Caves In, Supports Dirty Bush's Pro-Torture Program

Above, Americans in Vietnam practice their water torture skills on another human being, which back in the olden days, they would have gotten in a lot of trouble for. (Well, maybe. Think of all the punishment Lt. Calley failed to receive for orchestrating the slaughter of hundreds of innocent civilians.)

OK, at least they might have felt bad about it.

That was then, this is now. Now, torture's as American as apple pie!

Dirty Bush somehow has rammed through his morally incorrect pro-torture bill, here.

Oh look. Lawless Bush has managed to undermine the foundation of our entire legal system, and is getting away with it. He's even repealed habeas corpus.

Well, that sure makes me mad enough to boil someone in oil!

Better yet, thanks to Preznit Toad-Exploder, America no longer cares about torture, really, because our frog-torturer president never felt anyone else's pain right from the get-go, did he? Some say that's kind of a sociopath thing, the utter lack of empathy thing.

The many classical forms of torture now made "legal" by Bush, with the apparent consent of McCain and rest of the morally incorrect, utter pussy Republicans:
Chinese water torture

American "waterboarding" water torture

Bamboo slivers under the fingernails


Marinating people in excrement

Sleep-deprivation torture
You get the picture. See, these forms of torture don't involve "serious" threat of death. Oh, and if you uninintentionally, accidentally cause serious bodily injury, that doesn't count, either. Same for cruel and inhuman treatment, too, because if it's accidental, it won't count. The ultra-"oops!" defense. Thank Yoo very much!

Shame on all these Bushist fascist moral perverts.

But, well, I wouldn't want to think about the hefty cases of PTSD that will be coming down the road for our brave band of American torturers, even with their shiny new Bush-granted "legitimacy."


One feels sorry for them. The torturers will suffer for what they've done, not only in the next life, but in this one.

Ariel Dorfman, here.
Russian torture, here.
NY Times, here.


Libby said...

The whole GOP rebels thing was such a joke. As if anyone but the most mindless Bush supporter can't see they're setting up a ploy to make the Dems vote against a bad bill so they can say they're the only ones "brave" enough to confront the terrorists.

I agree with the comment in the last post. Screw subpoenas and FOIA requests. Let's just go straight to these "acceptable" techniques to get our answers from the White House.

No Blood for Hubris said...

You gotta drive a car around the block before you buy it. If torture's not such a bad thing, let's try it out on the pro-torture crowd first.

Anonymous said...

They were being tortured by Bush, what could they do? ; (

Some oversight, into the so called War, Oil Profits, just to name 2 from this administration.....

No Blood for Hubris said...

Who were being tortured by Bush? McCain, Graham?

Well, that would explain their sudden flip-flop, would it not?

Lily said...

Hey NB! I knew you would post about makes me so sick I just can't believe the regression, what next? Experimentation on human bodies? Organ harvesting? Its all just so sick. Its really over the top.

Coffee Messiah said...

I'm getting close to the middle of Zinns "Peoples History" and where I recently felt as we are going backwards yet again, it appears that through our history here in the US, the regular people are taken down, and struggle again to regain that which has/is taken away. I'm about up to the 1877 yr and the struggles of the Unions around Chicago.....Eye opening, and sort of takes the sting out of what's going on now, although it still feels as if we are being taken down a road we should not be going, by someone who "shouldn't ever" have been elected once, yet alone twice ; (

He has indeed risen to his highest level of incompetency ; (

No Blood for Hubris said...

One fears there are higher levels yet to come . . .