Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bubble Boy's Oedipal War Kills Over Half a Million Human Beings -- How's That "Pro-Life" Stance Working Out ?

Well, if I had started a Freudian schlong-war just to get back at my Dad, I might not have chosen the one Axis of Evil country that didn't have any weapons of mass destruction to invade. But that's me.

But if I had done such a stupid thing, and later found out my policies had ruined the war in Afghanistan, killed hundreds of thousands of sentient beings, bankrupted America morally and fiscally, promoted torture, promoted a rapist's right to breed, bungled the response to a wide-scale national disaster, promoted government-forced maternity, poisoned the air, water, and civil discourse, undermined the rule of law and protected pedophiles, I might want to resign in disgrace or something (if not actually commit seppuku because I could not live with the shame) or, at least I'd feel bad about it.

Some people who do such evil things don't do that.

Why would that be?


Well, Virginia, it's like this:

Some people put firecrackers in frogs.

WaPo here.
NY Times, having buried this story in page 17, here.


Coffee Messiah said...

I'm with you and continue to wonder how anyone can sleep having any part of things like this in the world ; (
But to deny the facts as the stand, what an approach............

No Blood for Hubris said...