Monday, January 15, 2007

More Blood for Bush's Hubris: Who Will Be the Last to Die for Bush's Lies?

Bubble Boy's at it again, sending your kids to Iraq to die, but -- not his kids.

(His twins are total slackers who don't even have jobs, never have had any jobs, just like their daddy hasn't ever had a real job ever.)

I mean, golly, what a speech it was. What cheerleading. Big-time. High-end. Sending other people to be the last to die for his lies, but not his people, it's sort of like when coWard Bush wouldn't put his own ass on the line by going to Vietnam, but wanted others to spill their blood for him, kinda Jesus in reverse, as it were.

Can you say -- chickenshit juvenile toad-exploding moron warmonger?

Can you say -- arrogant SOB?

Can you say -- poster boy for not letting stupid people with character disorders run the country?

Thanks all the same.

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Unsane said...

If only, if only, he had studied and learned from some substantial humanities topics, we would have this stoopid Newtonian throwing more and more mechanical force at a situation which is governed by complex and non-mechanical principles, such as those of psychology and human dignity and human revulsion, all intertwined. One does not ever succeed longterm in a project of domination by the use of mechanical force. Humans and human systems are not machines.

Percival said...

Character disorder...

As things have gotten more and more extreme, I've honestly wondered about that - if historians are going to look back and conjecture about just where in the DSM this guy fit in...

No Blood for Hubris said...

Yep. You got it.

ydog said...

I think I remember President William Jefferson Clinton remarking a few years back about how when most people realize they've dug themselves into a hole, they stop digging - a megalomaniac, on the other hand he explained, asks for a bigger shovel.

No Blood for Hubris said...


xenephore said...

So - a little pissed off then.

The alarming issue is that the nation is now at war with Iran.

While purporting to be considering his options, Mr Bush authorized the specific targeting of Iranians in Iraq and some days ago warships started 'naval exercises' in the Persian Gulf. Deja Vu.

Mr Bush is prefers, perhaps provokes, the debate about extra troops as a distraction to his real target: Iran. Iraq is already finished as a functioning State. Mr Bush has already achieved his objective there.

I would consider that blogging has been a valuable social tool but is no longer a sufficient action.

A couple of years ago, in some central european country, the folk got so irate about the corruption that they marched to the government buildings, picked up the President by his seat belt, and literally turfed him out.

Now that would be funny.


No Blood for Hubris said...

I'm with you.

The Bushist fascists and their slavering propagandists, however, seem still to be running things.

xenephore said...

So what then do recovered existentialist buddhists,
(or recovering buddhist existentialists, the shock of it)
actually do,
beyond look disassociated,
do you think?

lobby hard, fast, for impeachment?

does that deprive a man, who has nothing to lose, of executive power to wage war?

to whom to implore!

one takes heart that you savor cricket; one is less enthused about the genius of foreigner Warne (for territorial reasons).

No Blood for Hubris said...

Who's looking disassociated?

What's your problem with Warne? Are you English?

Yes, it does look like Bubble Boy is trying to start a war with Iran. One hopes that you and I aren't the only ones who are onto him. I'm provisionally hoping that Robert Gates is a secret agent brain aimed at stopping Bubble Boy in his mad tracks.

Sy Hersh says Gates personally worked to avert a nuclear war a few years back -- got fingers crossed that nuclear-war-aversion may be a persistent character trait.

But who knows. This is, after all, samsara.

The real deal. Not the perfume.

No Blood for Hubris said...

For the record, that would be recovering existentialist, only.

Wasn't Buddhist when I was carrying around dog-eared copies of Being and Nothingness. Ah youth.

But perhaps the nothingness concept stuck a bit -- though I later learned that's a completely misleading translation of shunyata. (Something that's not of general concern to the world, is it?)

Anonymous said...

liked the dsm reference. unfortunately the I think toad exploder is/was looking to drop a nuclear bomb. ravenously, impetuously, desperately.... or as randi roads would say - nu - cu-lear bomb in the way he mis-ennunci-nounces it.

As the spouse of a cancer patient, I can't do a lot right now. I have my own battles and monsters. Real shame about stem cell research prohibition, killing my wife as I type.

Real shame that Americans believe in him.

So it goes, our leader, elected by the people. Which reminds me of one of my rants - if the US population is now aging and mostly boomers, then who elected Bush - the greedy ass Boomers thats who!!!!!!!!!!! the ones that claimed peace and love at woodstock and then sold out as soon as their portfolios from ibm skyrocketed. They silently voted for Bush. They had to. Look at the numbers.

No Blood for Hubris said...


Show me the stats.

Anonymous said...

well i went to and looked some stuff up. tried to post it but it didnt take. turns out that 50% of voters are about 45 or over and 50% under - vaguely adjusting for younger people not voting . anyway, the end result is that if u split the vote 50/50 bush/no bush across age groups it comes out even steven so some group tilted it. If the boomers are 50% of voters (which they are) then at least half of them have to be closet bushistas, not peacenix. its another uncomfortable or inconvenient truth.