Monday, July 23, 2007

Dirty Diaper Fetishist Senator Vitter Caught With His Pampers Down

"I'm not a fan of personal vendetta gotcha-style politics," said Jon Stewart on Tuesday's Daily Show.

"But -- there can be exceptions. Take Louisiana Senator David Vitter . . . .who came to prominence in the 90's demanding President Clinton's impeachment for the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Well, it seems the condom is on the other foot."

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The condom is indeed on the other foot. Seems that prostitute-using Talibangelical Senator Vitter, beyond merely paying big bucks for his hookers, prefers using pro-ho dominatrices to fuel his diaper fetish. And he's the one wearing them. Ee-ew.

Oh, and apparently flat-earth-Republican Mrs. Vitter, who was SO unforgiving of budgetary surplus-creating, Al-Qaeda aware President Clinton's brief consensual fling, has NO problem with her own hubby's illegal kinky professional adultery.

Hey, they're Republicans. They can have contempt for the rule of law. They can get away with murder and adultery. Up is down. Bad is good. Different strokes. "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." (See below)

More on the Sex Senator, here.

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