Saturday, October 27, 2007

US Diplomats: Hell No, We Won't Go -- To Iraq, Dirty Bush's Deathtrap.

Sure, you don't want to go to Iraq. But Dirty Bush will make you go. Or, he'll destroy the State Department and US professional diplomacy from within. It's not like he believes in diplomacy, or professionalism anyhow, is it?

Really, it's win-win for Dirty Bush.

Lack of volunteers prompts agency to impose Baghdad service on some

WASHINGTON - The State Department said Friday it will require some diplomats to serve in Iraq because of a lack of volunteers willing to work at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

Beginning Monday, 200 to 300 diplomats will be notified that they have been identified as "prime candidates" to fill 40 to 50 vacancies that will open next year at the embassy, said Harry Thomas, director general of the Foreign Service.

Those notified that they have been selected for a one-year posting will have 10 days to respond. Only those with compelling reasons, such as a medical condition, will be excused from duty, Thomas said.

More here. WaPo here.

Nobody forced Dirty Bush go to Vietnam.

In fact, the coward got to check off a little box saying, "I don't wanna serve overseas." And he got away with it. He didn't go to Vietnam, and let others spill their blood because he wanted to save his own ass.

And he's still trying to save his sorry ass.

At the expense of others.

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enigma4ever said...

I watched some of this on cspan and also msnbc...and it is pretty horrific...I can not imagine- I really do feel sorry for the state employees- they don't deserve to be treated like that...