Saturday, November 24, 2007

Aussies Humiliate Dirty Bush "Arse-Licker" Howard; US Bushist Fascism Next to Fall

I prefer instant karma, but eventual karma works for me, too.

Handwriting's on the wall, all you Bushist fascists. Dirty Bush's Poodle Blair's gone. Dirty Bush's Arse-licker John Howard's gone.

You're next.

All of you who have bankrupted this country. Morally, fiscally, every which way bar none.

You deserve a good waterboarding. Really.

Because -- y'all are really really really bad bad boys.

Let's start with Karl "Miss Piggy" Rove. How hard will he squeal, ya think?

I think he'll go "wee wee wee" -- all the way home.



enigma4ever said...

any karma is good karma...esp when it starts flowing....and I think it is flowing ...atleast down under...that is a start..right ?

( okay I forgot Poland too)_

Elizabeth said...

Sometimes - as I'm gleefully watching prez & co. FINALLY dangling from their own petard- I wonder if the Dalai Lama (my only remaining hope for a world leader with moral authority) is gleeful - high fiving other monks - when China does yet another idiotiic thing (e.g. lead in toys). Probably not. Probably I'm just unenlightened. But still, it is rewarding.

Unsane said...

I like this post -- a lot.

Anonymous said...

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