Sunday, November 11, 2007

"Help me, nuclear Armageddon, you're my only hope!"




Let's be fair.

Ronnie Reagan didn't think actual nukes in Pakistan were any big frickin' deal, either. That's how they got away with having 'em in the first place.

But the reason our Savior George W. Bush doesn't care about the actual nukes in actual Pakistan where the actual Osama who actually attacked our country actually is -- is that Bubble Boy needs an actual Armageddon.

I mean, really. It's his only hope.

Bubble Boy ain't skeered of no Arma-geddon. Nope. Quoth Preznit Toad-Exploder -- "Bring it ON!"

He needs a deus ex machina to save him. Big-time. He knows he's fucked everything up. He just needs a nice nuclear war, an actual Armageddon, and he and all his Bushist cohorts will be vacuumed up into heaven.

And all will be forgiven, down to his dirtiest dirty Bush dirty deed.

(Unless them pesky Booodhists turn out to be right all along, in which case . . . . . well, karma, cause and effect . . . . well, you know. How low can you go, eh?)

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