Monday, November 05, 2007

None Dare Call It Sexist

Here's a fine sexist slam-down of Clinton brought to you by the New York Times. They're so enlightened. Really.

And for a walk down memory lane, here's an earlier article about a fine sexist slam down of Clinton, brought to you by the Washington Post. It's all about cleavage. And remember, WaPo is so enlightened. Really.

And here's Taylor Marsh, pointing out the fine sexist slam-down of Clinton by "neutral" media whore Tim Russert. He's so enlightened. Really.

The Daily Howler's coverage of the frat boy pile-on was right on point:

(Liveblogger Garance) FRANKE-RUTA: OK, this is now everybody—and I do mean everybody—against Clinton. It makes her look brave for just standing there, this small determined woman being attacked by three men on either side of her, two male moderators, and the entire male Republican field. Each of the critics on his own would be more effective, but taken as whole, the optics of this are uncomfortable.

You know, it really doesn't matter that she gets peppered with snide question set-ups about having been merely a President's wifie, though that happened some years back (can you believe Timmeh taking up time on national TV to mention that the Senator is a "wonderful woman" with "a great husband"?) and trivializes her completely, which is of course, the point.

What a load of crap.

Clinton regularly gets blamed for being AT ONE TIME too weak AND too strong (oh, and the NY Times publishes a whole article about this, whilst merrily swiftboating Clinton sexistly on its front page!).

Useless jealous Heather spinster semi-femi MoDo trashes Clinton in every way for every stupid reason -- like giving away a cat (hunh?) -- all the frickin' time, but the blood on the torturing hands of illiterate sadist Bubble Boy, former enthusiastic Toad-exploder, don't really bother that MoDo much. Just get fix her up with that other stupid NYT columnist, Tierney, who worries 24/7 about who will educated women marry. (Answer: not you.). And bemoans the fact that more women than men are going to college (but didn't give a shit when the figures were reversed. Hmm. )

But it's ok to call Senator Hillary Clinton a nappy-headed ho, see? Just don't say it like that! Sure, all her supporters are really Anita Hill nutty/slutties! And that's ok! Because we don't give a crap about them anyhow, they're just a buncha frickin' broads!

I love how the boys love to play the gender card in national politics, do not you?

It works like this: if you're a gurrrl, and you complain about sexism, that's you being sexist, because you're a gurrrrl.

You can't even mention sexism, because that would be playing the gender card, which you can't do, because you're a gurrrl.

It's the perfect double bind!

Therefore, the only way you can criticize sexism and not play the gender card, is to just shut up about it, bitch.

And isn't shutting up uppity bitches what it's all about in the first place?



enigma4ever said...

thanks for making me are so dead on this....I am so sick of tim r and tweety controlling the agenda and the is disgusting...

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