Monday, December 10, 2007

The Pro-Torture Crowd of Dirty Bush: Feckless, Reckless & Lawless. Completely Out of Control

Oh my.

All those CIA torture pictures got "disappeared." Oh myomy.

In fact, they hardly even existed at all.

And even if they did exist, which they did not, they showed only things like Valerie Plame's identity, which the White House must protect at all costs. Or Al-Qaeda might sue us. Or something. Or it might show ways to hold your breath so long that waterboarding wouldn't drown somebody. Like showing pictures of putting bamboo slivers under someone's fingernails will show them how to make that not hurt so much that it makes them want to die, which is the actual point of torture, or did we forget about that part silly silly me.

So it's not about destruction of evidence.

What. You don't believe me?

You think that, um, destroying evidence = consciousness of guilt?

NO way.

Not in Bubble Boy's universe.

Wink wink.

Nudge nudge.

Say no more.


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enigma4ever said...

I hope it ALL comes out NOW...ALL of it..