Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dirty Bush's Pro-Rape Crowd: Be Sure to Give Your Rape Kit to the Perp

The Dirty Bush administration has worked long and hard (??) to protect a rapist's right to breed via government-forced maternity.

So it's no surprise that Dirty Bush also believes in protecting rapists -- gang rapists at that -- against the horrors of prosecution.

Because, you know, some of them might wind up in, like, jail! Like Scooter Libby. We wouldn't want to live with that, would we?

So here's the latest Dirty Bush horror story.

Four days into her placement in Iraq, a female Knight, Brown & Root employee gets drugged and then raped. Gang-raped by her fellow employees. Brutally raped and sodomized to the point that she will require surgery. The female employee reports the rape to her superiors at KBR, gets told she'll get fired if she doesn't shut the f*ck up.

Next, and this is my favorite part -- KBR frickin' kidnaps her.

KBR imprisons the rape victim in a container, and kept there so she'll just shut the f*ck up about being gang-raped.

Wow. Spreadin' democracy and the important values of western civilization, like, fer sure.

Then, and this is my favorite part, too -- she manages to call her Dad, who calls his congressman, who calls the Dirty Bush State Department, and gets them to find the kidnapped rape victim and set her free. She's examined by the military, who do a rape kit, as they should. And give her medical care.

What happens to the rape kit?

Surprise! The Dirty Bush State Department gives the rape kit not to the victim, nor to law enforcement (what's that, Daddy?), but to KBR, the people who kidnapped her, and the people who are protecting her gang-rapists!!

KBR is protecting them to this day. Are their names Knight, Brown, and Root?

Be sure to write nice letters to KBR. Everybody loses stuff. Like rape kits. Everybody has to give rape kits back to the people who are trying to cover up the crime. Everybody kidnaps their raped employees. Don't they? Don't they have a duty to their stockholders to get that broad to just shut the f*ck up?

The Saudis, Al Qaeda, the Taliban and the Talibangelical Dirty Bushists like KBR are all of one mind about this rape thing.

When your child gets gang-raped, it's all his or her goddamned fault!! If they hadn'ta been there, they wouldna gotten raped, would they?

And we can do with them whatever the f*ck we want.

End of story.



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enigma4ever said...

horrendous...all of it....the torture the rape...Bush must be so proud...he has become what he said he hated...( remember all of those "Oh Sadam is awful"..yeah, well I don't think bush can say a word)....

You are still blogging the truth...thank you....