Saturday, March 22, 2008

NYT Op-Ed to Tibetans: Shut Up and Die, Already



Enough of the Great Battle of Hill v. Barry.

Let's perk up with stories about the brutal genocidal Han Chinese oppression in Tibet!

(Say whut? Nothing-to-see-there-move-along.)

I don't know why the Red Chinese even bother to send out their brown-nosed army of propagandists, but they do. Maybe just in case George Bush reads a newspaper? Anyhow, today's propagandist rants in the New York Times today, here. But don't waste your energy linking.

Basically, it says that since the big bad Red Chinese are so very big and so very bad, the Tibetans should just give up and die, and the rest of their world-wide supporters should just shut up and die, too, because we little mosquitoes are just so um you know so annoying.

O-kay! If you say so, Patrick!

(Why did the New York Times even bother? Because they can't publish Judy Miller's tripe anymore, so they've gotta have someone to fill the tripe quota?)


Kvatch said...

The mainstream media is done. Has been for a while. The NYT is just a small part of that wasteland.

No Blood for Hubris said...

It's shocking what total cowards our media whore media are.

enigma4ever said...

unbelievable....just when you think they could not go any lower....they prove you wrong....

( I guess Jason Blair is rehired ?)