Monday, February 02, 2009

Times R Tough: Let's Cut Back Our Social Infrastructure, Yep, The Same Social Infrastructure That Is Totally Inadequate At Present

Well, hey, it's true: times are tough.

FL: FL man arrested for child abuse:
Deputies say the report alleged that Joseph P. Gariano had shoved a juvenile victim to the ground and held her face in a puddle of urine as punishment for urinating on the floor.

There are also allegations that Gariano submerged another juvenile victim underwater in a bath tub because he was angry that the child was crying.

MA Foster mom burns 4 y. o. boy's face with hair iron, retains custody of her bio kids.

NY: 5 month old in critical condition
Police say they have charged the girl's father, Scott Archbold, 41, (above left) with causing the injuries including multiple bone fractures, internal bleeding and signs of prior abuse. Christina Benjamin, (above right) the infant's mother, has been charged with child endangerment for allegedly failing to get the child medical attention after the infant's grandmother suspected the abuse.
(What was that the Bushist fascists were saying about how every kid needs a mommy and a daddy?)

MA: 9. y.o. boy beaten so badly that "it looked like he he had been punched likes a boxer after a vicious fight."

AL: Foster Dad arrested for rape first-degree, torture, willful child abuse.

But just because times are tough, it doesn't mean we can't support government-forced maternity and random parenthood, can it? It's not as if we're unable to care for the post-born kids we already have, is it? Oh dear I'm repeating myself?

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