Thursday, February 19, 2009

TV Exec Hubby Beheads Wife

Of course honor killings count as domestic violence. Duh.

Look at this stupid frame: "Are honor killings simply domestic violence?"

"Simply domestic violence?"


<--- spits.

Go look at the US stats for DV murder, why don'tcha?

Then stick your vile misogynist minimizing where the sun don't shine.


Jennifer Cascadia Emphatic said...

I suggest that those who can afford to, purchase and read my memoir. A male notion of his personal purity is no doubt a regular cause of violence against women. Why so?

My studies on Kleinian theory suggest that males who value purity become exceedingly anxious about the complexity of the world. Not being able to process their anxieties inwardly (due to lack of emotional development and broader social knowledge), they project their anxieties outwards, upon the "other" (who is always a female wherever spiritual purity is defined as male). And so it goes. The religious male turns to murder in an attempt to reduce his anxieties.

Anonymous said...

Shorter version of above:

The guy's a self-centered asshole.


the Rev Jerry Gloryhole said...

More proof that to be truly moral, you need religion.
Oh, wait...

And hey, read Judges 19-20, if you can stomach it, to see how the LORD handles a man, a priest, who feels threatened by a gang. The man throws his wife to the men, and tells them to ravish her or do with her they will, only let him be.
Here's a hint: the husband did nothing wrong, in the eyes of society or their LORD.

Thank god for satire.