Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Compassion, Compassion, Compassion, But Really, People -- First Things First

One is, like, TO-tally into the whole rilly rilly widespread compassion kinda thing. Rilly. One means -- one is actually buddhist. See sidebar. Does one not specifically advocate generating limitless compassion, inconceivable compassion [!] toward all sentient beings, even including Dick Cheney? Answer: why, one does!

That being said, there is a continuum of being, with Dick Cheney way to the right [the less-sentient side] of well, you know, amoebas and little motile sperm. Which are way more sentient than he. Imho. [Oh alright, one is exaggerating for effect. But Cheney IS morally deformed.]

That being said, one thinks that it is not ok for there to be a sperm-rights movement, nor an embryo liberation front, as still-employed [why? why?] bushist fascist blowhard Kathleen Parker apparently would like. Unhappiness over the horrid possibility of certain death for widdle fwozen embryos with their big round sad eyes, the passionate attachment that drove Octo-Mom to save her own brood of widdle fwozen ones from melting leave me, well --cold.

Obama, she says . . . "missed an opportunity to prove that he is pro-science but also sensitive to the concerns of taxpayers who don't want to pay for research that requires embryo destruction."

Well, as long as she's not an anti-vivisectionist, hunh?

One feels she is crazy. Not unlike one's feelings about having more compassion for the pre-born than for the post-born. One does not think that is actual compassion, one thinks that is just really stupid. In other terms, it is a view born of [heh] passion, aggression, and ignorance.

But one gets it. Bushist fascism means not caring about torture, poverty, child abuse, war, actual post-born people, the suffering of sentient beings.

Morality just means never having to say "DEFROST."

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Anonymous said...

Has one been watching BBC?

Bush was in Cowtown last week. Someone influential (the holder of the riding seat mayhap?) ok'd it. But this guy was denied. Oh. The Canada we have known and loved. You'd have to be my age to get that one. Sis