Sunday, April 05, 2009

Before We Get All Weepy About Frozen Feti, Might We Attend to the Fate of the Post-Born, Esp. Those With Sadistic Mommies &/or Daddies &/or BFs?

Yes, Virginia, one of the reasons our society is so well-defended against bringing abusive parenting into consciousness is because it's just so vile that we really don't want to hear about it. Count me in that category.

On the other hand, if we push it out of consciousness, we'll never reach the point where, as a society, we've really had enough.

Here's an angry Daddy whose anger was known to the authorities and to his neighbors.

Carolyn and Raymond Bader, who used to live across from the home where the children were found, said they often heard the father screaming and yelling at the children.

The Baders said they called the sheriff's department and Child Protective Services several times with concerns about the family.

"We did all we could to help these kids," Raymond Bader said tonight. "We tried to protect these kids. We did what we could."

Carolyn Bader said a friend had called her with the news of the deaths.

"I couldn't believe he'd actually done it. Do I think he was capable of it? Sure," she said, referring to the father. "It just shocks me. I'm totally shocked. What could five children do that was so bad? I can't imagine what would go through someone's head to make them do something like this."

Dale Lund, another neighbor in the mobile-home park, said the boy who was killed played at times with his grandson and the two shared the same school-bus stop. The boys attended elementary school together, Lund said.

The slain children played in their own yard most of the time, he said.

"They pretty much kept to themselves over there," Lund said of the family.

Lund's wife, Sheree Lund, said, "We're tore up. We're just tore up. Why the kids, you know?"

Lund said the father was considered by neighbors to be "plenty mean" and he "kept a real tight rein on the kids."

"Plenty mean"? He killed his five children. Yuh, that counts as domestic violence, does it not?

But really, some people are waaay more moved by the fate of feti and the fate of frozen feti than with protecting actual children. Whyever would that be?

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