Monday, April 27, 2009

Newsweek Whitewashes Waterboarding Torture: Would That Count As Numbing & Avoidance? Why, Yes! It Would!

This person, who is, apparently, a professional (sic) Newsweek media person, actually said this:

[T]o pursue criminal charges against officials at the highest levels—including the former president and the former vice president . . . would set a terrible precedent. . . . That is not to say presidents and vice presidents are always above the law . .

But -- sometimes they're above the law?

And this Newsweek person thinks that committing torture and undermining the rule of law does not set a terrible precedent?

What is wrong with the pro-torture crowd? What is wrong with their media whore media enablers? Why does this Newsweek person even have a job? Why is the media whore media working so very hard to spin and spew cute little minimizing numbing & avoidance fairy tales, working so hard to let torturers get away with torture?

Yes, thanks, Mr. Newsweek, I'd love to have another serving of moral bankruptcy. Please, sir, may I have some more?

Thoughts on teh Pro-Torture Crowd: Lambert. BTD. RJ Eskow.


democommie said...

No Blood For Hubris:

The media whores are too busy to read your letters, right now. Swine Flu Pandemic is happ'nin!

After listening to both President Obama and Janet Napolitano (as well as folks from the CDC) say that the Swine Flue, while a cause for concern--but not for panic, why am I not surprised to find breathless panic on the web media pages? The fucking fucks.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Swine Flu = the New Missing White Woman

Anything to get our minds off calling torture torture.