Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You Can Never Be Too Rich, Too Thin or Too Traumatized. or, PAY YOUR [expletive deleted/warningintentional use of sexist frame] TAXES LIKE A MAN

Teabagging. [coughchoke spit].

So the cons are trying to tough that one out? Bwahahah. Now teabagging is their BRAND.

And they're too pussy to pay their taxes.


So, some otherwise perfectly nice people for whom I was set to volunteer my valuable time and really very high end clinical skills [it's not me, it's my training] to treat Vets with PTSD.

Some otherwise perfectly nice people started saying some critical things about Obama [which I am perfectly capable of doing myself, mind you] and I reminded them that in addition to being a card-carrying buddhist [well, actually I didn't remind them of that] I am a card-carrying bleeding heart liberal [and why else would I be offering to work for NOTHING].

And one of them said it was fine as long as I wasn't a socialist.

No, really.

I kid you not.

I thinktheir idea of being a socialist means being someone who's for universal health care, btw.

So -- what am I, boys and girls? Socialist?

How about "commie


l'oeuf said...

i think the concept of "exchange" comes from the natural world, where, usually, one "input" results in at least 3 "yields"-- as in luxuriant wild "ecosystems" where a seed grows into a fruit bearing tree which offers food, shade and habitat as well as leaf mulch-- anyway, WHAT IS THE EXCHANGE, working for right wing snowflake huggers? DON't DO IT, CCB!!!!!!

the out of joint times said...

Righty tighty lefty loosey. Howya doin Lucy?

the rev. paperboy said...

and how did this otherwise nice enough person feel about getting free medical care from a volunteer professional, or was that "different" somehow? Did this person pay out of their own pocket for their schooling, for the protection all their lives of the police, fire and public health departments? If they are a veteran i suppose they were paid wages while in the military. So how come they didn't pay as much in taxes as Bill Gates did? They must secretly be a commie leech and just not know it. Damnable pinkos!

Seriously at what point do we stop coddling these deluded nitwits and start telling them "okay, Mr. Galt, you resign from society and stop paying your taxes, we'll start billing you directly for the clean municipal water, the breathable air and product safety protection. But if you aren't part of the social contract, and someone runs you over with their car or sets fire to your house, don't come crying to us about it. You take your twelve gauge and go live outside the city walls, the police are busy protecting members of society. I'd stock up no-doze if I were you, because all the guns and jesus in the world are gonna help if you're asleep when the bad guys come."