Thursday, May 28, 2009

US Military Rape: STFU

The rightwing Talibangelical government-forced maternity crowd likes to protect a rapist's right to breed. Now the government is protecting rapists' identities.

There are pictures that depict the US military, carrying out the "get tough" orders of George W. Bush, using warcrime rape as a weapon of torture.

There are pictures. Videos. We heard of them long ago. Haven't seen them.

The still unreleased photos relate to abuse alleged to have taken place between 2001 and 2005 in Abu Ghraib and six other prisons. Taguba, now retired, supports Obama’s decision to block the release of the photos, which Obama had previously said would be released according to a court ruling in support of a lawsuit filed by the ACLU.

“These pictures show torture, abuse, rape and every indecency,” Taguba told the Telegraph. “I am not sure what purpose their release would serve other than a legal one and the consequence would be to imperil our troops, the only protectors of our foreign policy, when we most need them, and British troops who are trying to build security in Afghanistan.

“The mere description of these pictures is horrendous enough, take my word for it,” Taguba said.

Horrendous. Right. The description is enough.

Hunh? They're too awful for anyone to see? So we really really have to keep them secret. Because if everyone saw what the US really did, they'd really might get their panties in a twist, and hey, that would really suck.

Yes, it's heinous. So heinous. Just calling the pix "heinous" is really enough.

But not heinous enough to prosecute the rapists, for example. Why not? The pictures are just too hot to handle? They'd just make everyone upset? Obama's ok with helping everyone to just STFU?

Why would shutting up about atrocities be a good thing? Why would letting people get away with comitting atrocities be in any way acceptable?

If there are images, there are victims and perps.

Why are happy to have our tax dollars spent protecting a rapist's right to rape?


the rev. paperboy said...

I'm okay with them not releasing the photos etc to the general public, as long as the people in them are getting sent to jail along with the people whose orders they were following. Rape photos in a civilian criminal trial wouldn't be released to the newspapers either - but they should be shown to some prosecutors and investigators and then to a judge and jury.

No Blood for Hubris said...


I agree.