Friday, July 31, 2009

Child Abuse Du Jour: Say More About How Kids Need Mommies & Daddies, K?

This five year old kid's mommy punished him by locking him up alone in a sweltering attic, naked, covered in feces. Did his mommy like being a mommy, you think?

The worst part was listening to the TV talking heads interviewing two adult males, the mommy's own daddy and her uncle, who seemed to think that mommy was doing a swell job of mommying, and that this tortured kid really was a handful who just needed some control.

The police report said that when officers unlocked a door at the top of the stairs leading to the attic they found the boy "completely naked, covered in feces from head-to-toe crying to "go downstairs.''

The room was covered in human feces and there were several children's finger markings along the wall, made with feces, that appeared to have been there for a considerable amount of time, the report said.

When interviewed on TV, the kid's grandfather and uncle were complaining about all this negative attention, insisting that this treatment is not child abuse, and that the mommy had been trying to get help, but nobody would help her, boo hoo, which is patently false. This happened in Lowell, MA, home of MassHealth, and home of child protective services that are available on a voluntary basis--overwhelmed parents need only pick up the phone.

But you know, so much for the postborn, let's save our worry for the feti, shall we?

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