Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Barney Frank Slam's Rabid Rightists' "Vile, Contemptible Nonsense"

Barney Frank says arguing with wingnut "like arguing with a dining room table."

Great job.


democommie said...

No Blood For Hubris:

"Rabit"? Is she a rabbit or is she rabid; oh, wait, she's both.

I wish that every cowed legislator could see this and realize that Mr. Frank's response is the correct one. If Barney, who has been demonized by the reichwing for years--for being teh GAY and not being dead of AIDS--among other things--can offer himself up a s lightning rod for strikes by such idiots why not others.

It seems that the reichwing delights in being ill-mannered and threatening while the dems seek to accomodate them. I know you're non-violent, but I don't know that "fuck you, you're an idiot" is all that violent.

Dave von Ebers said...

… And, predictably, Rush Limbaugh goes after Frank’s sexual orientation.

Well, at least they’re predictable. And by “they,” of course, I mean the criminally insane.

(My word verification is, and I quote, “gultypho.” Guilty pho? Guilty p-ho? Paging Dr. Freud …)

No Blood for Hubris said...

Yes, do page Dr. Freud. Why did I typo that headline? Because I shouldn't be trying to put up a post that makes sense just as I'm about to go screaming out the door to work?

"gultypho" -- sounds like a vietnamese restaurant serving waay too much msg.

demo--verbal smackdown not only non-violent, but much needed. Dems need more such spine, more such smackdowns.

Dave von Ebers said...

NBH … A-fucking-men (if I may liberally drop the f-bomb). Forget the potentially embarrassing “YouTubes,” Democrats – fight freaking back. Fight back, or get the hell outa our way.

(Word verification is “tistami” this time. I’m not gonna touch that one. No freaking way.)

democommie said...

a "tistami" Mr. von Ebers is what happens when a normal tizzy takes place off the coast of Africa and the "butterfly effect" fans it into a rogue wave producing weather phenomenon.

Anonymous said...



(oh and do feel free to drop the f bomb. it is welcome here)