Friday, August 14, 2009

Sec'y Clinton Tells It Like It Is Re: Bush v. Gore' Puts Pundits' Panties in Big Fat Twist

Yes, it's a funny funny thing about our Secretary of State: when she tells the truth, or sets limits with questioners, some blowhards find it really upsetting.

And when the other Clinton tells the truth, some so-called libruls get their panties in a twist. Why is that? Is it Bush = Gore all over again?

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Dave von Ebers said...

Could it be that American conservatives are deathly afraid of democracy?

You know, living here in the Chicago area, I’ve listened to the righties whine for nearly 50 years about how JFK “stole” Illinois in 1960 (with the help of the evil “Daley Machine,” natch) … so, they all sound a bit shrill when they defend the fact that the 2000 Florida vote was presided over by the brother of the Republican candidate and the co-chair of the Republican candidate’s Florida campaign. Imagine if a Democrat had won Florida, or any other contested state, under similar circumstances … Why, they’d’ve been rioting in their Brooks Brothers suits.

Oh, wait.