Monday, September 14, 2009

Billionaires for WealthCare at The Million Moran March

Be a Billionaire!

Save the status quo!

Because our dear Denial Death Panels really make a killing!


Utah Savage said...

In reading your profile, I realized I NEED to read your blog.

I suffer from PTSD, am bipolar, have anxiety disorder and am a writer. I'm working on the last (I hope) rewrite of a novel, getting a short story ready for publication, and writing poetry., while twittering my days away and ignoring my blog.

I hope to see your comments at my place sometime.

Utah Savage said...

Also I'm stealing your post. Yes, that's how lazy I am. I will give you credit for finding it. That's how honest I am.

Anonymous said...

PTSD is very treatable. Some of the PTSD links here should be helpful to you. For writing issues, try Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way." If you link to my post and give me credit, it isn't stealing, is it?

Utah Savage said...

Well, thanks to following you home I'm tweeting about "Let's Save the Status Quo." You scooped Shuster, and Maddow. Well done! I have a much bigger following on twitter than I do my blog. But you have goosed traffic both on the blog and on twitter. Well Done! Now I'll do the decent thing and blog roll you.

Anonymous said...

Not a scoop. I'm really recruiting. No, really. I am. In the persona of Muffy Worthington-Warbucks, I have experience as the Richly Upholstered Chair of the Hyannisport Chapter of Billionaires for Bush. Now reincarnated as Billionaires for WealthCare. We've got a brand, we've got style, we've got logos, and we're way funnier than Mob-GOPS. Huzzah!