Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yo, Whoopi: That's What "Rape" Rape IS

Has this country run entirely out of adults?

Here's a link to story about Whoopi Goldberg, who, along with some others, seems to find the act of drugging, raping and sodomizing a child something other than utterly repellent and unacceptable. She thinks it was rape, but not "rape" rape.


Splashed all over HuffPo you'll find Polanski apologists. It's remarkable. I see Polanski apologists everywhere.
They don't even know that they're dead wrong.

Polanski apologists could feast their eyes on Polanski's victim's testimony at The Smoking Gun, here. Where, you know, the child victim testified to being all alone with Polanski, given champagne, and more champagne, and then qaaludes. Then, having been all softened up, she testifies to being raped and sodomized by Polanski. It's all right there in black and white.

But, hey, there's a big pro-torture crowd, too, in the ol' U-S-A, so what's not so funny about peace, love and understanding child date-rape,-rape-rape,-and-sodomy?


Dave von Ebers said...

The more I read stuff like this, the more convinced I am that we are reverting to some sort of Charles-Dickens-era mentality where kids really aren’t human beings at all.

Now, apparently, Polanski’s victim is saying she wishes the whole thing would “go away.” Great. So, the next time a thirteen year old girl gets raped, I guess it’ll be okay with her.

You know, I’m no mental health professional (mental, yes; mental health professional, no), but I am a lawyer and I know a little bit about criminal law. And I know that (a) for certain crimes – like, say, rape and murder – there is no statute of limitations; and (2) one of the major reasons for imposing criminal penalties in the first place is to deter future illegal conduct … meaning that it’s not just for the sake of vengeance, nor is it just for the benefit the particular victim of a particular crime; more than all of that, governments impose criminal penalties in the hopes of protecting future potential victims.

But then, that assumes that people actually, like, care about potential future victims.

Shinigami Kayo said...

I am sorry Whoopi, the details of the case are of no concern to me. A bias judge is of no concern to me. I bet there are innocent people in jail too. The matter before us is he accepted a guilty plea and fled. We have a legal system with a process. You get to defend yourself and later appeal decisions you do not like. New facts appear, and you can argue them too. You can not just accept this judgement, dismiss others because of your own personal feelings or involvements. You must go through the process or you undermine the very legal system the people established to govern themselves. The judge for instance in the OJ trial didn't have the right to go bullcrap what the jury says, I will sentence you anyways. The family failed to convict, so upset as they were, they found another way legally. Polanski doesn't like it, than he has the right to challenge it, not ignore it. He must stand before the American Legal system and make his case. He is a felon and must be returned to be judged on that as well as stand for sentencing of the original crime.

BDBlue said...

It's really remarkable how open the elite are in essentially calling for a different standard of justice for themselves than for everyone else. It's like the torture stuff all over again. The rules don't apply to my buddies. It's truly appalling.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Yep. I don't know why they let him cop a plea in the first place.

Dave von Ebers said...

NBFH, Polanski pled guilty to rape. His apologists now claim that the judge held him for an extended period for psychiatric evaluation, and that may have influenced his decision to plead guilty. But, even if the plea wasn’t fully voluntary, he could have appealed. He was a wealthy man; he most certainly could have afforded the best lawyers around. Instead, he chose to flee the country. If he had any basis to challenge the voluntary nature of his plea, he blew it by failing to take an appeal. Case closed.

Kvatch said...

Polanski is an ass, a rapist, and apparently none too bright. I mean, he got caught by the Swiss. The Swiss, fer' god's sake!