Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shut up, about Stupak, ladies. There are way more important things to work on such as -- [fill in blank].

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Where I found this comment:

Emma on 22 Nov 2009 at 11:09 am #

The one time the left pulled the pin, it voted for Nader in 2000. And look how that worked out.

You misunderstand. I’m not talking about the left. I’m talking about the fake “left” that propagated misogyny and CDS and elected Obama. That “left” will never oppose Obama or even attempt to hold him accountable.

No, what I’m talking about is WOMEN needing to play madwoman political bargaining with the Dems. Because when it comes to women’s rights, the Democrats and the Republicans are identical. Women’s rights, including abortion, are nothing more than political bargaining chips.

Let me put it this way: After the Democrats — led by Democrat Bart Stupak — passed the Stupak/Pitts amendment I got all these “call to action” emails from Democrats to save abortion rights by appealing to more Democrats and sending money to more Democrats. It’s deeply, deeply screwed up. And there’s nary a Republican to blame for it.

I’m done. Nothing, not one thing, not a “public option” health insurance plan, not universal health care, not single payer health care, not the success of the historic Obama presidency, not poor people’s rights, not people of color’s rights, not a jobs plan that actually works, not the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq, not the Guantanamo detainees — nothing is worth accepting, putting up with, or losing the battle on this steady erosion of women’s equality. Nothing. My “allies” are on notice. Nothing matters to me but winning this fight on women’s equality. Nobody gets anything from me on any other issue — not money not votes not feet on the street. Nothing.

And voting “yes” or “no” isn’t enough anymore, either. There has to be solid work toward building a coalition that will have the ability and the power to stand firm and pass legislation that will advance women’s equality and thus protect abortion and reproductive rights. And I mean a Constitutional Amendment or a statute that kills the Hyde Amendment, the Global Gag Rule, and Stupak dead for the foreseeable future. That’s all I will accept.

And beyond lack of support, I will oppose every effort that further enshrines or advances women’s inequality. I don’t care what gets scuttled. If you have to suffer until I get my rights, that’s too bad for you. Because nobody gets ahead while I wait. Never again...

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democommie said...

No Blood For Hubris:

When I read things like this I feel bad. Not because I'm a man and therefore a bad person (I am both of those things at once, at times). I feel bad, because, the writer is telling me and every other guy who doesn't support HER agenda that WE are nothing to her. This ploy works for very, very well, in helping to get assholes like Bush in the WH.

Sorry, but I don't see an upside to telling the Dems to fuck off. There is no third party that has any power. It has to be created, it cannot be co-opted.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Well, I can almost see your point, but I see hers a lot better.

With Stupak, you have supposed Dems conspiring to cave in to pressure from right-wing groups,
doing so at the expense of the civil reproductive rights of half the population, and doing it just for show. That's called "caving."

Reproductive civil rights -- or lack of them -- affect the welfare of the entire population.

Not a side-show. Not some agenda. Though successfully framed as such.

It's hard even to bring up topics like this because we are so used to the side-show who-cares gurrl-stuff frame. It is so much part of our culture that it is invisible. Yet so very dangerous to discuss.

And why so dangerous?

the rev. paperboy said...

I sort of have to go along with the Hon. Democommie Esq. FRS, on this one. This is "Emma" saying her issue is the only one that matters. I'll grant you that "her issue" is a pretty big one that affects us all, but I don't think that abortion rights are going to save as many lives as universal health care or ending the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. They are all important. I agree that access to safe, legal abortion is vital, but try telling that to people who are being "smart"-bombed daily or packed off to torture chambers and you might get a different set of priorities from them.
That said, the Dems have screwed the pooch on this one and the Hyde Amendment and Stupak's rider are very, very bad things that the Dems must be pressured into fixing.
That said, uh..."If you have to suffer until I get my rights, that's too bad for you. Because nobody gets ahead while I wait."
...reeks pretty strongly of arrogant entitlement and selfishness.

democommie said...

No Blood For Hubris:

I understand that your sentiments will not mirror mine in this regard, I would not expect you NOT to feel differently about this than I do. I respect your opinion and, for that matter, the opinion of the woman who wrote that piece. I simply disagree with her "scorched earth" policy.

I'm on record with my feelings about Mr. Stuprick. He's a piece of shit who's granstanding because (or so goes the rumor) he wants to become MI's next governor. I can only work with the congress critters I get to vote for.

Anonymous said...

Nods, bows with folded hands.

Agrees with your take on scorched earth. Wonders when Dems will sell out other civil rights in their game of Let's Make a [bad] Deal.