Saturday, January 16, 2010

Send Arthur Silber Money

I just sent Arthur Silber money because he is ill and could use some help. Not a lot just what I could afford. I invite you to do likewise if you can. I am sending him money even though I have um, issues, in that aspect of life myself, because I believe he has more issues than I do, and because I think it is important to support the thinking of thinkers. I agree with much, though not all, of Arthur's thinking, and even though I utterly disagree with him about some important things such as the MA senate race -- and think that in this respect he totally has his head up his *ss and just couldn't be any more f*cking wrong about progressive Coakley versus waterboading enthusiast Brown, I am still sending him money because of the other 98% of his stuff which I think is brilliant. So it is ok with me that he is 2% completely batshit crazy wrong wrong rong. Though I wish he weren't.

So, whatever. I wish someone would go out there and find him and bring him to a warm cheap climate, perhaps Costa Rica?


the Rev Jerry Gloryhole said...

Hear, hear. I voted Coakley in spite of AS, but he doesn't know Scott Brown. I've a wealth of stories about him, after all this, but some first-hand ones too as we served on town committees together some years ago.
My new senator and I don't like each other much.

So close to the reins of power, yet so far...

No Blood for Hubris said...

also And I suspect AS doesn't know Martha Coakley. She's well to the left of Obama. Wants to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. Sued the feds as AG over DOMA. Etc.