Tuesday, March 23, 2010

OK, Where were we?

Sorry about the hiatus. I am, anyhow. Been working on a play. Been working on it for three years. (That's quick playwriting for me -- got another I've been working on for decades.)

So anyway, let's catch up.

Most fun piece today:

Noam Chomsky Supports Health Care Bill.

Second most fun piece, as Dems throw half the population under the bus, again:

Democrats Woo Foes of Abortion.

Because why bother supporting a woman's right to choose? Why bother, when you can support rightwing fetus-firsters instead, and get away with it?

Speaking of which, I bet you've been wondering, "Hmm, what does become of all those unwanted feti once they're post-born into families who wish they had never been born?"

We turn to Parents Behaving Badly, which features the things actual parents/step-parents actually do to their actual kids.

Scroll down to my favorite so far:

7-year-old Beaten To Death By Father on Father's Day.

What's yours?

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Rev.Paperboy said...

I know you don't have much sympathy for the "lesser of two evils" position - and I agree with you, mostly, but this does mean 30 million people who didn't have health insurance now have it. And that is a good thing that will, in time, lead to better things -- I hope. And it seems to have been the best the democrats could scrape together.
Far from perfect I admit, but a big fat pole on a hill on the way there.