Saturday, October 30, 2010

Die, Healthcare Serf-Slave Mommy! Die! Die!

Yuh, we hear of employers who want to dump providing health insurance for employees.

This worker's dumping work to dump her health insurance provider-profiteer.

Yes, Ms NBFH just quit her job because the insurance her not-quite-ex-employer offers so sucks.

Big-time insurance profiteering company. Cost $12K a year. New plan began July 1 of this year, effects became clear in the past 3 weeks. Same outrageous price, but even worse coverage. If that is imaginable. $12K for family "coverage," with a huge deductible. You get an ultrasound for $525, they pay all of $125, you get stuck with--surprise! A bill for $400! And they tell you if you'd just driven an hour and a half away for a potentially life-threatening condition, they gladly would have picked up more of the tab.

I've been a healthcare insurance serf-slave to this company for years. And it's just not worth it anymore. I will be saving money by not working, because for the last six weeks, every penny I earn there has gone only to pay this crappy insurance company's crappy rates for crappy coverage.

So I'm done.

I can't be the only one who's re-cycling Paddy Chayevsky: mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

Thus Empire crumbles under the weight of its own stupidity and greed.


Bukko Canukko said...

Bummer. I've lived in two socialized medicine countries now -- Australia and Canada -- and their systems work fine. Unlike when I was a nurse in the U.S., at hospitals here and in Oz, nobody worries about how they will pay their bill or afford medicine. There's no talk of money at all, just about how to get better health-wise. The unit clerks do not have to fill out forms for insurance companies or do coding for payment or any other BS like that. It's great! America is so fcuked. Too bad most people there don't know what they're missing. Dumbasses.

libhom said...

If we had anything remotely resembling a democracy, things like this would have resulted in Medicare for All.