Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yes, let's let them hypnotize America because why not eh?

"Democrats Pressing Pelosi to Step Aside!"

Ooooh, Nancy Pelosi is being dumped by Democrats, ooh!

Lookit the headline! Everybody knowz!

Cuz she's too librul, oooooh!

[Expletives deleted].

Go ahead, people, wallow in the Koch-Rove-fueled propaganda-fest, why don'tcha?

Which Democrats? Are they Democrats?

Because we're waaay too skeered to be progressive, aren't we? Or else we're waaay too purist?

Something's got to explain Coakley and Russ Feingold going down, shouldn't it? Oh, wait, Martha Coakley just got hugely re-elected, with the help of a local Boston Republican paper! Apparently it didn't know about or didn't care about all of Coakley's intentional sueing of Goldman-Sachs! Which she did waaaay before it was fashionable!

So, yuh, sure: bad Nancy! bad Nancy! bad Nancy!

(I am always read to dump progressives under the bus, and I always have very good reasons, do I not?)

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Crazy said...

Martha Coakley is such a good public attorney and a wonderful person. She was the only one who refused to prosecute the rapist of a 23 month old baby girl using a hot curling iron. Her replacement as DA was able to obtain double life sentences for the son of a union boss and supporter of Coakley.

Yup, a great example of the kind of outstanding public servant we need to protect our communities. That's progressive thinking.