Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pennsylvania Man Beats Girlfriend's Two Year Old

Just anybody can't drive a car, but just anybody can "parent" kids.

A Pennsylvania man took tough love to a sick new extreme when he beat up his girlfriend's 2-year-old daughter because she was a "princess," records revealed Wednesday.

Brandon Bishop told detectives the defenseless little girl needed toughening up and admitted choking her, dragging her by the hair - and pounding on her head with a metal spoon.

By the time cops removed the girl from her hell-hole household, she had a skull fracture, walked with a limp, had clumps of hair missing - and bruises all over her body.

More here. It isn't pretty.


knowdoubt said...

My wife is a teacher in Georgia of very young Sp. Ed. kids. When a child came to school with a handprint Bruise on his face she took the child to the nurse who called DFACS who never responded. Within just days the same child came in severely beaten with bruises and she did the same thing took the child to the nurse who called DEFACS and still no response. Another teacher who knew a Sheriff Investigator (neighbor. I think) called the investigator he went to DEFACS and brought one of their people to the school to see the child. The child was temporarily removed, then given back and the family moved to another county effectively circumventing any continued "supervision". It just leaves me enraged with the gov't we have here in the less than great state of Georgia.

No Blood for Hubris said...

So interesting that some believe they have freedom to abuse. They work hard to protect themselves from the consequences of their criminal behavior toward their own children.