Monday, March 19, 2012

It's the Misogyny, Stupid

The more I hear women should just "get over" all this misogyny, the more I realize misogyny is the central problem. In a phrase, "It's the misogyny, stupid!" And it is.

People trying to exert power and control over others, making them do what they want, denying freedom of choice, denying individual decision-making, putting them down, shaming, blaming, keeping them uppity wimmen barefoot and pregnant.

The so-called "small government" GOP proudly inserts itself into -- then nationalizes -- the wombs of all women. They wouldn't want to nationalize anything else, would they? Forced invasive vaginal probes? Sure thing. No problema. GOP don't care about spending that kind of money on useless pricey ultrasounds.

GOP push laws that flout medical privacy by making bosses privy to their workers' plans to have or not have children--because GOP's decided women must breed--or else. They need to show their employers a note from their doctors, swearing the prescription for the pill is not being taken to control birth.

Talibangelical GOPs are hot and bothered trying to protect a rapist's right to breed. They support government-forced childbearing. They, not you, will determine family size. They, not you, will be in control.

Fetus-firsters are entranced by the notion of random parenthood--why should having a child be a thoughtful, planful decision when it could occur on a whim? GOP fetal sentimentalists get all teary-eyed for embryos, but once a kid is out of the womb, good luck, it's on it's own. Children are, to them, the rightful punishment for having had sex.

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