Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Anti-Clinton Backlash in NH: Fueled by GOPs Infiltrating Dem Primary

So from the Washington Times we have a helluva story, it's all about the anti-Clinton backlash in NH and indeed that's what the story's all about.

Except it isn't.  First, there's a guy who sez that he's ok with Bernie.

He also states he's good with all the others--except Hillary.

ALL the others.

Yes, he's good with ALL the others--Cruz, Jeb, The Donald, Carly, Kasich,

Christie, Marco every single rabid one of them -- and yep he's good with Bernie.

The only one he cannot live with is -- you guessed it!  #eewSheDevil

Sound like any Dem you know?  Doesn't sound like any Dem that I know.

If you check his name on twitter, you get a guy who tweets solely about going to see--GOPs. Many GOPs.  Okeydoke

Going on, the next guy's quite the same.  Not a Dem against the Demon Hill. Not even someone who's ok with Bernie, as the first guy (mendaciously, it seems) claimed.

No, he's only voting to bring down the #eewSheDevil.

So whose idea was it to flood the Democratic primary with GOP-adoring so-called Independents?

That takes planning.

Round up the usual suspects.

Sorry that about the grubby graphics.
I'm rusty at blogging;  gave it up during the O years.

Pardon me.

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